Problems and follow-ups

With this story about the BART director that got paid $300K for not working, and the stop-work threats being socialized by the BART union, I'm getting more and more convinced that BART management is doing an excellent job of keeping these types of items as low-key and out of the media as possible. Perhaps spending more time on that than on maintaining system operation.

Should WE go on strike?

Us BART commuters should go on strike!!! Drive if you have a car, and take other modes of public transportation if need be. I know that some of us have no choice but to take BART, but those of us who have other options should use them until BART stops taking us for granted!

Major Bart Delays Continue Into Evening Commute

BART riders should expect delays to continue through the evening commute Friday due to an equipment problem between the Daly City and Balboa Park (San Francisco) stations, transit agency officials said.

Crews first noticed the issue on the tracks at about 10:45 a.m., and have been working on it since, said BART spokesman Jim Allison.

Commuters heading south from downtown San Francisco may encounter 20-minute delays in service into the evening, Allison said.


Great, now we will all have to drive and sit in traffic for hours...

another article in today's paper about dysfunctional BART management

Here is another article about Santa Clara County and dysfunctional BART management.

the new cars SUCK

what are overweight people supposed to do? I think the article is more fiction than fact too. 3% less seats than today's cars my arse!

I guess we will all have to stand all the way home. BART SUCKS but thank you for patience. BART OPERATIONS CONTROL.

ATU-SEIU Negotiation Updates-

I found this on a friends Facebook page.. From two of (4?) unions in contract..


ATU-SEIU Negotiation Updates- Press release regarding BART calling for mediation

Brothers and Sisters,

Attached and below is the ATU-SEIU response regarding BART's press release calling for a mediator (also attached.)

Maintenance Engineer

Any insights on the test for Maintenance Engineer? It appears to be an Excel based test but it is not clear what they want you to know.

Just a typical day on BART!

Sadly, this isn't THAT unusual (batshit crazy naked man attacks random commuters):
Part 2 (NSFW):

i'm with this guy, why can't BARTeven get the simple things together?

Even though this is from 2012, nothing has changed. if anything the entire commute experience is just worse so we can support Dorothy Dugger's retirement package.

Overpaid BART Union Employees Threaten to Strike if not Given Raises

Commuters have grown weary of the routine. Every four years, BART and its labor unions try to agree on a new contract before time and patience expire and the people who run the transit system go on strike.

Typically a deal is struck at the last minute, often in the dark of early morning, long after commuters have gone to bed not knowing how or if they'll be able to get to work without the Bay Area's largest regional transit system.

BREAKING: BART's top-paid worker of 2012 never worked a day!!!

All while BART's been talking about the need to raise fares and parking fees, BTW!

Where in the hell is the OUTRAGE?

BART sets the stage for $3 per day parking.

Got a notice this AM about parking fees increasing to $1.50 per day
in the Castro Valley, Dublin, and Pleasanton station.

Also included was a justification to raise the fee .50 every six mos
depending on occupancy rates of individual parking lots, capping the
increases at $3 per day EXCEPT at West Oakland, where you can expect
to pay more for the privilege of being assaulted by the local thugs.

They also state fees could be lowered by decreased occupancy, which
is about as likely as another Bush in the White House. The real

The video BART politicians don't want you to see

Looks like the politicians who run BART (these folks are ELECTED by us!) have taken their eye off the ball. How about running a safe, clean TRANSIT SYSTEM?

Bart crashes its maintenance vehicles, major delays

Leave it to bart to f@ck up an otherwise beautiful friday. Thanks retards!!

Keep your bare feet off of the seats!!!

I'm not a BART employee, but I figured that this was the most appropriate forum to post this in.

This guy who was sitting in one of the seats that are facing each other and the end of car had his feet on the the seat in front of him. But that's not the worst part. He was wearing flip-flops, so his bare feet slid out of them and were touching the seat directly! Gross!

rafa1215's picture

Surge of bike thefts in san bruno

Within the last two weeks I have seen lots of thefts and stuff at this station. It has been reported to the bart police and the attendant.


Stinky, sleeping homeless...sick of 'em

I take a 6:00 AM train every day from Pleasant Hill to SF...and every day there are stinky, dirty, grimy homeless men sprawled across at least 2 seats, they will sprawl across 4 if they can.

WTH!! I am so sick on getting on a train and having the stench drive me into another car. The commuters are the ones that pay to keep BART going, not the homeless who may get a one way ticket or just get on for free.

What can be done? Why doesn't BART do something?

I know this is an ongoing topic...and I know.... I could drive, not take BART, blah, blah, blah.


Only 3 ticket machines out of about 12 working at Concord all with long lines. How can BART management talk about giving themselves raises when all of the stations are filfthy and in total disarray. Isn't it the station agent's job to make sure the ticket machines work? Ridiculously long lines to get a ticket this morning. DOES ANYTHING WORK IN THE BART SYSTEM ANY MORE ON A REGULAR BASIS?

Oh, yeah, only BART management's ATM accounts because they have more money than the rest of us poor saps that have to put up with this CONTIUNALLY CRAPPY ASS SERVICE FROM BART.

Should BART start running short turn trains on the Dublin/Pleasanton line during peak hours?

For example, after the 7:43 AM Daly City train leaves, the next Daly City trains leaves at 7:58 AM. Under the a short turn plan, an additional train the terminates at Montgomery will leave Dublin/Plesanton at 7:49 AM. This pattern would run throughout the AM peak commute hours.

Trains coming back to Dublin/Pleasanton will leave Daly City every 15 minutes, and an extra train to Dublin/Pleasanton, originating at Montgomery, will run in between the two trains that originate at Daly City throughout the PM peak commute hours.



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