Perks found in the Station Agent/Train operator contract

So while professional folks such as the vehicle mechanics / electronic technicians might not be compensated as well, apparently the front line workers are making a killing AND with plenty of "perks" that aren't pointed out in most articles.

These guys are beyond spoiled! I found other "perks" in the Station Agent / Train operator contract (

- (3) PAID 15 min breaks, every 2 hours
- PAID 30 min lunch
- OVERTIME if any of above breaks are missed ( OT for missing a PAID lunch?!?)

BART Management and Greedy Union Slugs still $100 Million apart in talks.

After months of contentious negotiations, BART and its unions are still about $100 million apart on terms of a new contract, transit district officials told a state panel Wednesday.

"There are significant issues to be resolved with each individual union, as well as general issues," said Vicki Nuetzel, a senior attorney for BART.

The transit district led off the Oakland hearing before the three-member state panel appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown to report on the issues that led to a 4 1/2 day strike in July and threatened to shut down the system again this week.

William B. Gould: BART, other transit strikes should be prohibited by law

Call me crazy, but I think this guy has the right idea.

I haven't taken BART in a whole month now!

And I'm SOOO GLAD that I won't have to be a regular BART commuter anymore!!! I'll still ride it occasionally, though.

I now take Caltrain instead of BART to get to the city. I get on/off at Sunnyvale or Mountain View to save money, it I'll get on or off at Capitol, Tamien, or Diridon if I'm lazy that day. It's a tad more expensive if I get on before Sunnyvale, but Caltrain is WAY nicer, so it's worth it. I try to take a train with Bombardier equipment if I can to charge my phone up.

How can we help management?

I support bart management 100% and want to know if there is any way for regular riders to support management during the union negotiations. Management should use profits to enhance the system's reach, safety and reliability while keeping total employee compensation in check.


Station Agent Antoinette Bryant (Salary $145,517) waddled out of the negotiations wearing her short wig and grunted and snorted through her talking points before finally announcing NO STRIKE THIS WEEK.

Looks like management won the latest round of chicken.

Train Operator since 2003's picture

What have Unions done for you?

You assholes bitch that we are one of the highest paid transit employees in the U.S. Actually we are around the fourth or third highest paid depending on the year. No matter how much you bitch about the system, it is routinely the #1 on time performing transit agency in the U.S. That doesn't happen by magic, that happens by the people who work to keep this crappy outdated trolly system running.

As far as striking goes, none of us in the Union wanted this. Management did.

BART Unions and their Sloths!

I am sure the unions and employees don't have any remorse for the harm they are inflicting on people who depend on BART to go to work. They are selfish sloths!

Get legislation passed to stop BART strikes - contact Sen DeSaulnier !!

I encourage all of you to contact Sen DeSaulnier to jump-start legislation to prohibit public transit strikes in CA. New York, Oregon already have this in place - why not us?

BART's free-ride program among Bay Area's most generous

I would like to hear your justification about this.

BART Fares Would Climb 18% if Union Pay Demand is Met

BART said Monday that it would need to raise fares 18 percent over the next three years if it gave in to union demands for pay raises exceeding 20 percent over three years.

"We would like to avoid that," BART spokesman Rick Rice said of steep fare hikes to cover pay increases.

Meanwhile, BART contract talks continued Monday in Oakland in an effort to avoid a second potential strike that union leaders have said they may call Aug. 5 if no contract agreement is reached by then. A four-day strike was held earlier this month.

BART Workers' Paychecks Already Outpace Their Peers'

While BART and its unions fight over employee pay raises with another strike looming in a week, a new analysis by this newspaper reveals the rail line's workers already have bigger paychecks than any of their peers.

BART workers easily earned the most money on average last year among the 25 largest government agencies in the Bay Area, the newspaper's review of public employee payroll data shows. What's more, BART employees also topped the list of the highest-paid transit operators in California.

BART -- FIRE ALL BART EMPLOYEES and HIRE from a pool of more than 8.5% of the unemployed.

Ok people, we are now being held hostage by incompetent BART management and irresponsible UNIONS. So what is next…? Higher FARES and no choice.

It’s time to get the governor involved on this, or press BART to fire everyone and start a rehiring process that would place wages at reasonable market rates. When was the last time you got a paid increase or benefits increase? Seriously, enough is enough.


It seems like there are a lot of idiots on here and a lot of smart ones too... You can decide for yourself which category you fall into...

As a BART employee... I want to say that following..

All of you people that are so pissed off about us wanting management to address safety issues, pissed off because we want raises, pissed off because we went on strike... this is for you

i haven't had a raise in 5 years but the general manager grace crunican got $20k after 6 months
she's fully vested after 2 years
she walks away with full medical and pension.

An issue that SHOULD BE on the TABLE -- DUI Dorothy's exit package

"One issue that is not on the table in the talks between BART and its unions is the system’s generous buy-back policy for unused sick, holiday and vacation leave — which can be a gold mine for all workers, but particularly for managers"

click link to read the entire article.

BART Plans For Possible Second Strike

With BART workers possibly going on strike again in early August, the transit agency is looking at running limited service with retired train operators. Phil Matier reports.

BART invites public to tour mockup of new train car interior July 23-26

"A milestone in public outreach for BART's Fleet of the Future project comes July 23-26, when a 2/3-scale mockup of a train car interior will be set up for public viewing at MacArthur Station in Oakland."

This Fight is About Unsustainable Benefits

1. Go to:
2. Under "Entity", chose "Bay Area Rapid Transit"
3. Click "search"
4. Page 1 of 138 will appear.
5. In the "Page" box, type 69, and click enter. Now a page w/the median annual salary of BART employees will appear.

Are you tired of the finger pointing articles between the unions and bart management?

Yes, and I am so over this bart/union drama and ready for a contract
75% (27 votes)
No, I love drama
25% (9 votes)
Total votes: 36

Time for both unions and bart management to stop this non sense once for all

As a passenger who relies on bart to get to work everyday, I am tired of reading these finger pointing articles instead of something meaningful that shows negotiation progress. (yes, I am aware of the gag order)

BUT I don't care!!! I am too tired to care!!!

I am sure there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of commuters like me out there and feel the same way. We all have our own sob stories, but you don't see us posting everyday to gain empathy.



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