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BART Management Says High Absenteeism is a Top Priority

There's no shortage of issues for BART and its unions to resolve if another strike is to be averted in a month - including the 40 unscheduled absences that management says drivers and station agents take on average each year.

That comes to about one day off for every six days worked, and it's on top of the 13 paid holidays and up to six weeks of vacation that workers also receive every year.

It's 14 more absentee days than San Francisco's Muni drivers average, according to city records.

BART Management Sticks Up For The Taxpayers & Riders

BART’s hardball tactics stun unions

BART’s hardball game is proving to be a lot better than its unions had anticipated — and from the looks of things, management isn’t planning any changes.

“We’ve heard a lot of talk about what should be a fair raise for workers,” said BART director Zachary Mallett, whose district includes Berkeley, Albany and a large swath of western Contra Costa County. “But what is really important to talk about is, what is the fair wages and benefit package for the work being done?

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So I'm about to bounce back to relative obscurity even though I've been posting on here since inception. This is actually my second blog account and it's over 7 years old. Back in the old days people enjoyed talking to BART employees and BART employees would help people understand what was going on or why something was done the way it was done. Now it seems to have become BART Bitching dot com. People that are clueless and bitching without ever caring to accept the truth or continue to bitch even after they learn the truth. Don't know why I bother, maybe because...

BART unions: Why do you hate Bay Area workers so much?

Why do you enjoy inflicting pain on the Bay Area's working-class population and putting their jobs at risk?


BAY AREA / BART pay ranks high for transit workers / At contract time, agency surveys comparable pay


BART workers who are asking for raises in contract negotiations with the transit district are among the highest-paid transit workers in the Bay Area and the nation, according to transit officials.

30 days is just enough time to hire and train replacements for the ungrateful BART unionistas!

BART must replace all of the workers that went on strike so that Bay Area commuters never have to suffer at the hands of the union thugs ever again! I sincerely believe from the bottom of my heart that we must do everything we can to keep union mobsters out of the government!

learn what bart and city of oakland workers have to say before jumping to conclusions



folks, it took me all these days since monday all day filming and taking photos to get this finished ... for what it's worth, people can skip past the corporate news three second soundbites and read or watch/hear exactly what union workers and representatives are saying about all this.

BART employee certification

I heard a BART employee speaking on the news about how many certifications were needed to become a BART employee and this was partly the reason for the generous compensation. Does anyone know what types of certifications are required? I'm sure there is more to the job of a station agent or train operator than the outsider sees.

Temporary agreement reached. Trains will be running by 3 pm Friday.

Management and the union reached a deal to extend the current contract for 30 days. They will continue negotiations during this time. Trains should be up and running by 3pm on Friday.


Interesting Tumblr of striking BART employees barely scraping by

Interesting Tumblr of striking BART employees barely scraping by


Pop some popcorn, it's story time.


All BART commuters need to organize a class action lawsuit against the BART union if they've suffered because of the greedy strike!!!

And we all need to STORM SACRAMENTO and DEMAND that public sector unions be PROHIBITED FROM STRIKING so that we never have to suffer at the hands of the union thugs again!!!

Who is driving the trains during the strike?

I've been seeing trains on the tracks in both El Cerrito and Walnut Creek at various times over the last couple of days (during the strike). Does anyone know who is driving them? and why? It's certainly not the best PR move to have empty trains very visibly running on aerial structures while folks are suffering in terrible commutes.

This is What They're Fighting For (employee salary database)

Over 73% of the total full time employees at BART make over $100,000 a year in total compensation with only a GED required for employment.

Over 100 people clocked $50,000 or more in overtime pay with even station agents doubling their salary with OT.

BART workers also have not 1 but 3 retirement plans fully paid for by BART. That's right, they can get THREE pensions. Their main BART pension for which they pay nothing, Social Security for which they pay 1% and BART pays 14%, and then a 401k with matching contributions by BART.

BART management "The last offer we gave them was Saturday."

So management did nothing on Sunday night? So much for making every attempt to avert a strike.


Parking at the Bart Stations

I want to take the bus from the Pittsburg station tomorrow, but I see that picket lines are blocking the entrance. Can I park at Pittsburg Bart?

rideshare on Avego , Uber , Lyft , Sidecar

Jump on rideshares on Avego , Uber , Lyft , Sidecar !

Don't cave into these union extortionists !

Privatize BART. The union clowns have such easy entry requirements, have such bad attitude, do such a poor job, and dare to complain about wages when their total compensation package averages $130K ! More than double the national average compensation package ! Unbelievable !



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