It seems like there are a lot of idiots on here and a lot of smart ones too... You can decide for yourself which category you fall into...

As a BART employee... I want to say that following..

All of you people that are so pissed off about us wanting management to address safety issues, pissed off because we want raises, pissed off because we went on strike... this is for you

i haven't had a raise in 5 years but the general manager grace crunican got $20k after 6 months
she's fully vested after 2 years
she walks away with full medical and pension.

An issue that SHOULD BE on the TABLE -- DUI Dorothy's exit package

"One issue that is not on the table in the talks between BART and its unions is the system’s generous buy-back policy for unused sick, holiday and vacation leave — which can be a gold mine for all workers, but particularly for managers"

click link to read the entire article.

BART Plans For Possible Second Strike

With BART workers possibly going on strike again in early August, the transit agency is looking at running limited service with retired train operators. Phil Matier reports.

BART invites public to tour mockup of new train car interior July 23-26

"A milestone in public outreach for BART's Fleet of the Future project comes July 23-26, when a 2/3-scale mockup of a train car interior will be set up for public viewing at MacArthur Station in Oakland."

This Fight is About Unsustainable Benefits

1. Go to:
2. Under "Entity", chose "Bay Area Rapid Transit"
3. Click "search"
4. Page 1 of 138 will appear.
5. In the "Page" box, type 69, and click enter. Now a page w/the median annual salary of BART employees will appear.

Are you tired of the finger pointing articles between the unions and bart management?

Yes, and I am so over this bart/union drama and ready for a contract
75% (27 votes)
No, I love drama
25% (9 votes)
Total votes: 36

Time for both unions and bart management to stop this non sense once for all

As a passenger who relies on bart to get to work everyday, I am tired of reading these finger pointing articles instead of something meaningful that shows negotiation progress. (yes, I am aware of the gag order)

BUT I don't care!!! I am too tired to care!!!

I am sure there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of commuters like me out there and feel the same way. We all have our own sob stories, but you don't see us posting everyday to gain empathy.


BART's Big Gift to Wealthy Corporations

"The transit agency says it doesn't have enough cash to give modest raises to workers, but that's because the large corporations that have benefited the most from its services pay almost nothing for them."

Making Love on BART

Some of you have already seen this, but where was BART police?

The BART Bumpa Humpa

edit from TreoBART: I fixed up that link for you so everyone can click on it and see the video in its full glory.


A New Low for BART Unions

Bloodshed, figurative or not, has no place in contract negotiations:

SEIU Promises Bloodiest BART Strike Ever

SEIU and ATU, this is no way to win over your riders. It's time to accept BART's last offer they had on the table and STFU.

Civic Center Station Agents, 7:15pm

Two station agents sitting on their asses in their box shooting the shit, completely ignoring several people jumping over the fence.

What the fuck are these people making $72,000.00+ for again?

Is it really too much to ask . . . ?

Is it really too much to ask that BART train cars be cooled, consistently, to a reasonable temperature (say 70 degrees?) Occasional breakdowns are understandable and expected, but it seems like the AC is NOT working, more often than not. (And yes, I do try switching cars, etc.)

BART Strike: Negotiations Pause While BART Negotiator Goes on Vacation

"No meetings at all will happen from July 22 to July 29, when BART's $399,000 chief negotiator -- transit attorney Tom Hock, who labor leaders view as a union buster -- goes on vacation."

BART's Lead Negotiator Has a History of Illegal Behavior

"The transit agency has sought to portray its workers as being unreasonable, but it hired a private negotiator that has a record of violating federal labor law."

BART Station Agent Caught Filing False Police Report Alleging Rider Assault

BART station agent George Figueroa pleaded not guilty Monday to a misdemeanor charge of filing a false police report for allegedly inaccurately claiming that he had been attacked by a BART customer.

At a brief hearing Monday, Figueroa’s attorney Ted Cassman declined to waive Figueroa’s right to a speedy trial, so Alameda County Superior Court Judge Patrick Zika set a trial on the charge for Aug. 2.

Figueroa, who is out of custody, wasn’t required to attend Monday’s hearing but he came to court Monday anyway and conferred with Cassman outside Zika’s courtroom.

DNS Issue

If you guys use AT&T as ISP, their DNS servers do not resolve some domains. is one of them. Use google's dns server .

BART Management Says High Absenteeism is a Top Priority

There's no shortage of issues for BART and its unions to resolve if another strike is to be averted in a month - including the 40 unscheduled absences that management says drivers and station agents take on average each year.

That comes to about one day off for every six days worked, and it's on top of the 13 paid holidays and up to six weeks of vacation that workers also receive every year.

It's 14 more absentee days than San Francisco's Muni drivers average, according to city records.

BART Management Sticks Up For The Taxpayers & Riders

BART’s hardball tactics stun unions

BART’s hardball game is proving to be a lot better than its unions had anticipated — and from the looks of things, management isn’t planning any changes.

“We’ve heard a lot of talk about what should be a fair raise for workers,” said BART director Zachary Mallett, whose district includes Berkeley, Albany and a large swath of western Contra Costa County. “But what is really important to talk about is, what is the fair wages and benefit package for the work being done?

Train Operator since 2003's picture

We'll be right back after a few words...

So I'm about to bounce back to relative obscurity even though I've been posting on here since inception. This is actually my second blog account and it's over 7 years old. Back in the old days people enjoyed talking to BART employees and BART employees would help people understand what was going on or why something was done the way it was done. Now it seems to have become BART Bitching dot com. People that are clueless and bitching without ever caring to accept the truth or continue to bitch even after they learn the truth. Don't know why I bother, maybe because...


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