Unions = Better Pay by Hostage Negotiations

Let's be perfectly clear on this, shall we?

Unions at one time were necessary. Big corporations did in fact take advantage of the worker. No one would argue the generalization of that statement back in the day. Fast forward to now though and guess what? Everything the union fought to protect the worker from is NOW ENFORCED AND THE WORKER PROTECTED UNDER AND BY FEDERAL LAW!!!!


"So if that's the truth, obsgone" you may ask, "then why do we have unions today?"

Well, simply...


I hope the union(s) walk out today and strike!

PLEASE! For the love of it, show some sack and finally do what your mouth has been blabbering about all these months and walk out you freakin uneducated, lazy good for nothing leeches!!! PLEASE!! You are negotiating with my (the taxpayers money) and I say F you, nothing more, no over time BS work around, learn your job, do it right, shut the F up and be grateful you have an above average pay SECURE job.

Feeling the rage! top complaints.

Wanted to make a raw, full of rage top list of complaints. It will be in format of complaint and then one line directed to the offender. Feel free to follow my post with your own similar complaints. This should be fun.

*Dick head idiot gang banger types who come on and start playing with their weed on the trains: Hey fuck face, that shit stinks even if you're not smoking it.
*People who insist on talking obnoxiously loud for no apparent reason: Hey ass wipe, I am trying to listen to my music. You mind shutting the fuck up?

I really hope BART & the unions work out a contract today

...if for no other reason than I won't have to hear/see/read the constant fuckin' whining of over-privileged Bay Area commuters anymore! Christ on a crutch, will we have enough whaaam-bulances to deal with the fallout tomorrow if they don't come to terms?

BART Station Agent Convicted in eBay Ticket-Selling Scheme

More union slugs caught abusing the system. They already have it better than any of their peers, but even the best isn't good enough for these greedy trolls!

BART station agent and his wife have been convicted in connection with a long-running scheme in which she used the online marketplace eBay to sell tickets he had collected from riders, authorities said Thursday.

Avery Nulph, 40, pleaded no contest last Friday in Alameda County Superior Court to felony grand theft. His wife, 47-year-old Gladys Nulph, pleaded no contest to conspiracy to commit grand theft.


Here you go, the official Ban Bart strikes. Just like NYC, Washington and others lets join to ban Bart from ever striking again and put it into legislation.


10 days and $112 million apart

BART management and the BART unions are $112 million apart. There are 2,375 union members represented by Union locals 1021 and 1555.

This works out to $47,158 per Union employee. Per year, it's $15,719.

BART rage is overrun with union shills

Have you noticed that this website has now become overrun with BART union shills trying to intimidate or confuse actual riders who attempt to discuss their dissatisfaction with the BART system and it's greedy employees? When they get really upset, they resort to personal attacks on other posters, just like in grade school.

Sign online petition to ban BART strikes

Orinda city councilmember Steve Glazer has created an online petition to urge the California state legislature to pass a law banning strikes by BART and other public transit systems. To sign the petition, go to


Fundraising campaign for Lower Rockridge North/West security

Not completely BART related but here's a cool fundraising campaign for a security guard to help with the crime at Lower Rockridge North/West:


BART managers may drive some trains if 2nd strike

Alarmingly enough, not much appears to be happening at the BART bargaining table - but away from it transportation officials are in high gear planning how to handle a possible second strike, and those plans could include running limited BART trains driven by managers.

Negotiators met three times last week, reportedly making little progress and then taking Thursday and Friday off. They're expected to resume talks this week. If no agreement emerges before the end of a governor-ordered cooling-off period at 11:59 p.m. Oct. 10, a strike could erupt.

People SmokingElectronic Cigarettes on BART

Why do people think smoking electronic cigarettes on the trains are okay? Some idiot was doing this last night and they still STINK!

BART Union Workers Angry About Negotiations --- Sudden "Equiptment Malfunctions" Begin Occurring

Ever notice how whenever the unions get upset about how things are going at the negotiating table the BART system suddenly becomes plagued with unexplained equipment malfunctions and delays?

Ever since they started holding press conferences complaining about how negotiating is going there has been some kind of delay during the morning commute almost every day. Riders are getting sick and tired of being used as pawns for the unions.


SEIU To Spend $1 Million On Pro-Amnesty Ads

Not content with bringing the Bay Area to a grinding halt with ridiculous protests over already-too-high wages, the SEIU (which represents some of BART's lowest skilled workers) is spending millions on pro-amnesty ads seeking to legalize millions of new low-skill workers at a time when real unemployment in the unskilled worker sector is still at 12% or more.

hey BART $12.60 is TO MUCH !!

Paying $12.60 round trip from Pittsburg/Baypoint to West Dublin is WAY TO MUCH TO PAY. Especially considering I have to catch 3 different trains and it takes 2 hours. It's not cheaper or more convenient than driving.

I can drive for $7.00 round trip and it takes 50 minutes in traffic. Plus there isn't anybody who wreaks like a whole bag of burned pot.
Whats up BART? Can't we be reasonable with our public transit prices?

Thanks to the owner of site for letting me rage!

BART Board Rejects Call to Give Surplus to Workers

The BART Board of Directors sent a clear message to its unions Thursday not to expect board intervention - or a lot more money on the table - when major negotiations resume next week.

The two sides have not had a joint bargaining session since Aug. 11 when Gov. Jerry Brown ordered a 60-day cooling-off period. This week, BART met separately with its two largest unions to bargain over ancillary issues unique to their members. But a joint session with the unions to discuss the big issues - pay, pension and health insurance costs - won't take place until Monday.


Do my topics keep getting deleted?

Please, may I know why this is happening?
As far as I know my question wasn't against the rules or anything.

Bay Bridge closure service

Why isn't service being provided to ALL stations? That sucks!

Flea bites on BART

Hi Everybody,

I am a daily BART commuter who spends about an hour a day taking the train. On Thursday (8/22/2013), I was taking the train to work in the morning as usual. I remember the train car I was in had carpet floor and it was dirty with an unpleasant smell. Soon after I got to my office, I felt itchiness on both my ankles. Later that day, I developed a hive all over my lower leg area. I immediately consulted my doctor, she said the hive is consistent with flea bites.

PODCAST - BART, stop wasting the cooling off period!! Go Working Class!

I believe that people are starting to realize that they have to fight for what they have, and fight to move forward. Otherwise they will end up being "contract labor" with no benefits or working some retail outfit for minimum wage (which is not a minimum wage anymore, it's way under poverty now).

I see many more unions standing up, good job and continue standing for your families..
SEIU City of Oakland workers,
City of Hayward workers,
ILWU, Teamsters,
ATU192 ACTransit,
ATU 1555 BART,
East Bay MUD,
San Jose 911 Operators,


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