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The purpose of this site is to create a community for BART riders who are willing to share good and bad experiences. Through this site we are hoping to share with other riders/employees and let our voices be heard to BART management that BART is important to commuters. We highly believe BART can improve their system and service by correctly utilizing our hard earned fare. We support BART because it cuts down on pollution and helps our environment. Please spread the word to other BART riders. Happy BARTing!!!

BART stories wanted!

Hello--I am compiling a coffee table book of BART memoirs and pictures. If you have any funny, unique, interesting, or just worth-telling stories that have happened to you or someone you know on BART, please share!
If you entry is chosen, you will receive a free copy of the book once published and be able to call yourself a published author! Please include your email address with your entry, as you will be notified via email if your entry is selected for the book.
Thank you,

Original BART design decisions

I think one of the recent posts I saw identified how the Original BART project decisions are continuing to haunt the system.

We could research and argue over the third-rail electrification scheme for years, obviously the founding BART fathers were more sensitive to visible power lines than noise. I wanted to bring up something that bothers me about how BART functions and is designed.

Having worked for many years in the public transit industry, and ridden many different urban rail systems in numerous cities and countries, BART is definately a unique system. Unique in that it appears that there may have been struggle within the BART Board and early management over what mission BART would play in Bay Area transportation. The station spacing (except the downtown SF shared MUNI stations), zonal fare structure, rail car design (yes, including the decision to put in carpet and cushioned seating) and lack of passing opportunities along the line (extra rails to allow for creation of "local" trains versus "express" longer distance trains) force me to believe that a part of the system's early braintrust wanted a "commuter rail" system, ala Cal-Train ,while perhaps the other camp wanted a real urban heavy rail (subway, usually, but not always underground) public transit system, more like New York, Chicago, Toronto, Moscow, Montreal, and yes, Paris. What we got was this strange and expensive hybrid... stops too far apart, headways too far apart outside of SF downtown core, fares way too gosh-danged high ofr all O/D pairs, dreadful seating and flooring (would be ok perhaps if BART replaced it every few years, instead of never!) and the total lack of discounted monthly passes for regular users.

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BART rage members

Wasn't there an indicator, long ago, that showed what members were on the site?

Is this racist from a white female? you decide

I was riding the other day on the way home from SF and as usual the cars were full during the afternoon rush. A situation occured where a white female whose age I would guess is around late 20's to early 30's. She was standing by the door and there is an Asian girl who was sitting on the regular seats (not the elderly/handicap one) listening to her music.

While the train was moving the white female was having a hard time balancing. Everyone around noticed her but nobody said anything. However, the Asian girl eventually asked the white female if she would like her seat. The Asian girl spoke pretty loud because she had her headphones on but she was very sincere about giving up her seat.

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Man eats a burrito on Bart

it smelled so nasty that day. this happened two weeks ago.

to watch, click here

Does anyone have stories while riding BART?

as the topic states....???? please share your stories of your experience.

fruitvale parking

anyone know any other parking options for fruitvale bart. today i went at 9 15 and there was no parking in the structure or the paid parking or the parking lot across the street. anyone know any other parking options at fruitvale bart? please share

UC Bart station looks like a swamp

When it rains, the roof leaks and a huge puddle of water forms at the bottom of the stairwells.

Bikes Strollers and WheelChairs on Escalators

I am so amused that kron4 did a segment on people that are idiots that take their bikes on escalators at BART.. They also showed a few people taking strollers down the escalators too.

Most people don't know you can have an officer cite someone taking the bike on the escalators. And it's part of the vehicle code so it goes on their driving record.

I hope they put it on the kron4 website.. The segment was called "People Behaving Badly"

Walnut Creek Parking

What's the cutoff time in the morning commute for getting a parking spot at Walnut Creek nowadays? If I try showing up there around 8:30-8:45 a.m. am I SOL?

Can ANYTHING be done to protect parking lots?

My truck was broken into sometime between 9AM and 7PM today at the Pleasanton station. Smashed window, stolen contents. It seems like no matter where I park, I see a scattering of shattered green glass on the ground. Are security cameras too much to ask in return for me $10/day patronage and $63 monthly parking dues?

BART Police Suck!

I have to say, BART Police truely suck! They can talk, till they are blue in the face, but honestly, they don't do jack shit! I watched one let a fare evader go because, as he put it, "They are not in the system, it's their first contact with BART." What kind of crap is that! What a joke! Fire them all and start over!

No 700 buck bonus for Bart Central today!!

Yet another delay on the Fremont-Richmond line this morning. It was funny---as soon as the self-congratulatory jerk from Bart Central told us the system was back to normal we sat in the Fruitvale for another five minutes to celebrate!! Ten feet out of the station we stopped again and couldn't even make it to Lake Merrit without more stops. Yep, system was back to normal alright.

The Bart experience continues to deteroriate. I've been riding the train on and off for the last twelve years and the delays and breakdowns seem much more frequent. I can only conclude theat the unions and mana

What's the fucking deal w/ Bay Fair parking?

Used to be you could show up pretty much anytime and there was plenty of parking. Now if you come after 9am, pretty much every spot is taken. What's the deal here? Are they repaving the lots at some nearby station?

Delay Because of Police Investigation of Man on Tracks Between Concord and North Concord BART Stations

Does anyone know if there was really a man on the BART tracks last night about 5:30 p.m.? Service was terminating at Concord last night and passengers were told to go take the regular bus service out to Pittsburg-Bay Point which I didn't know even existed from Concord BART.

It was never announced whether police caught the man or what the outcome was. Finally, a train was allowed to head back to Daly City from Concord. Don't know what happened to trains trying to get to Concord from North Concord.

It is a shame that one idiot like that can really disrupt service. BART should have el

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