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The purpose of this site is to create a community for BART riders who are willing to share good and bad experiences. Through this site we are hoping to share with other riders/employees and let our voices be heard to BART management that BART is important to commuters. We highly believe BART can improve their system and service by correctly utilizing our hard earned fare. We support BART because it cuts down on pollution and helps our environment. Please spread the word to other BART riders. Happy BARTing!!!
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Del Norte Drop Off & Pick-Up is a DISASTER!!

Okay....I'm a "Glass is half full" guy.
I try to believe that people are kind, considerate and not retarded.
But.....NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!
They are NOT!!
People are really stupid, oblivious and rude. Not either / or...ALL three!

Del Norte doesn't really have a clearly marked drop off and pick up area. I guess that's somebody's bad, not mine though.
No curb cut out so as not to dirupt traffic flow while the driver is dropping off or picking up.
What they do have are TWO stop signs for crosswalks for folks going from the station to the parking lot.

Lucky me, starting my new station assignment on the wrong foot

So today as i'm sure you guys all know, we have new station assignments. i'm on my way back to my new station ending lunch. i was visiting someone at collesuem and returning to mine at about noon. im on the platform and surprise, some stupid kid steals something from the food vendor down there. now the vendor follows him up to the platform, and demands he either return the juice or pay for it. the kid says he 'didnt steal no nothin' and starts to walk away from the vendor. the vendor follows the kid, and the kid quickly becomes adjitated. starts yeling at the vendor saying all sorts of crap.


BART Struggles to Hire More Police Officers

Posted February 9, 2007 at 6:30 p.m.

OAKLAND (KRON) -- More passengers are using Bay Area Rapid Transit trains these days than in recent years but fewer police officers are working to keep them safe. That's one of the conclusions from the latest BART operating and crime reports released Friday.

"I won't ride BART by myself," passenger Ericka Deguzman Quintero told KRON 4 News. "I don't feel safe. I'm kind of scared."

Homeless on BART

So I read a post on BART Musings about the homeless on BART. I have personally run across homeless people more times than I can count. While the homeless problem is a serious one, daily commuters like myself don't enjoy being solicited (constantly) for change. As mentioned in the blog, some of these individuals are very aggressive. I've seen people pull out money just to get these individuals to move on (which is what they want).

Homeless on BART

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Cost of running a BART train per car

Does any of the BART employees that frequent this site know how much it costs per car to run a train? I'm really hoping there's a large disparity between a four car train and six car train. Otherwise, BART is really messed up. Ten a.m. and a four car train into the city. Hmmm. Cost can be the only excuse, because there is no other sense, common or otherwise, not to have long trains all the time. Well I suppose there might be "cents"....

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On the eating on BART "tip"....

I'm riding home tonight, and this guy starts eating his sweet and sour pork or chicken or whatever the hell it was on BART. No biggie to me. I mean, we get pressed for time, we need to eat when we can blah blah blah. HOWEVER, what the f--- is wrong with throwing out your trash?
I mean I understand eating on BART, but the reason why people need to sneak it, is because we can be cited. Why, you may ask, are we cited? Because of pigs like this guy that left that f---ing styrofoam container right where he was sitting.

Lilghting at 12th St.

BART finally turned on the trackside lights at 12th St. For months, it's been dark and gloomy on track 2. The darkness seemed to accentuate the filthy light covers hanging over the platform. Maybe it was a cost cutting measure. There was something really creepy about descending into that smell of pee darkness every morning.

avoiding germs on BART

I have a love-hate relationship with public transit. Convenient, reliable, and cheap, but also increases your chances of getting sick from all the inconsiderate office martyrs coming into to work coughing and sneezing to demonstrate what troopers they are.

Fuck 'em.

Anyway, it's not like they're going to stop. So I've gotten bits & pieces of advice from various people in my life on how to avoid getting sick on BART and put together a list:

1. Go to the ends of the trains - Fewer people = fewer germs running around.

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This morning's delays at MacAurthur

So I start my day by missing my normal train and having to take a later SF bound train into the city from El Cerrito Plaza...I get on, find a seat, just to the back of the car, by the intercom. Shortly after the train starts to move a few passengers move through the car from the one following. The last person coming through is what looks to be a vagrant; making lots of noise and gestures towards those he passes. He makes his way through the car and into the far no problem.

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Why don't we designate by color?

Just a short question. How come we here in the Bay Area don't refer to the various lines by the color that desinates them on the system map?
ie Richmond-Fremont "ORANGE line" and Richmond-Daly City "RED line".
I know this is kind of non-important, but I have always wondered.

BART's frivilous expenses

BART spends and spends. But is all the spending worth it?

Take the new LED light bars outfitted on some of the Police patrol cars. They're almost twice as much as conventional strobe/lightbars. Why was it necessary to purchase them?

Does anyone else know about any frivilous expenses? How could managment put our fares and taxes to better use?

Extra Lighted Rail Top of Dublin/Castro Valley Line

So I am a regular Dublin/Pleasanton commuter.

When it is dark out I have noticed the extra middle rail at the top of the hill between Dublin/Pleasanton and the Castro Valley stops. Until recently they have parked a maintenance of way engine there, but lately no equipment or trains are parked there. However this section clearly has extra lights, steps, a walkway and such.

Does anyone know why this was designed this way or it intended purpose?

D/P Commuter

Ticket for parking in permit zone...I was in the car!

I'm the guy who got his car stolen from the Ashby Station. I got it back last week. Thanks for all the comments and feedback here (good and bad). This morning I'm coming in to Rockridge, it's about 9:40 a.m. I pull into the permit spot and handle some business in the front seat, filling out insurance forms, reading, etc. I see the parking inspector come by, he glances at my car and keeps walking. I think nothing of it. 10 a.m. rolls around. I get out of the car, head up, pay my $1 and go to work.

BART and Hayward Police together

Police helicoptor and news planes circling overhead.

A rush-hour shooting at the Hayware BART station. Up to 3 people shot although, according to KRON-4 News, no one dead. One person in custody being "questioned." Trains running hrough but not stopping at the Hayward station. A bus bridge set up from Bay Fair.


The Fremont bound train operator at fremont station around 545-6pm

What is wrong with this woman! I thought maybe she was just havin a bad day but it constantly happens.
The operator in a very harsh woice is seemingly always in a rush "this train is leaving passengers get on board!!!" Ive even heard other bart riders complain about her and her erratic behaviour. Does she not fear for undercover supervisors? Are there even such to keep employees in line? I cant stand her and thats the last thing I want to hear after a long day!
On another note there are plenty of charismatic and entertaing operators who I must commend for making me smile!

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