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(02-22) 12:31 PST FREMONT -- All BART trains are running again after a two-hour interruption in service on two of the agency's lines caused by a fire at a substation.

Service was halted on the Fremont and Dublin-Pleasanton lines between the Fruitvale and San Leandro stations after a blaze at a substation near the Coliseum station knocked out power to part of the system around 10:13 a.m., said BART spokesman Linton Johnson.

Central: Wake Up!

Hey Central, do you guys ever actually ride BART? At 12th St., new people are coming into the station every second in the AM peak. If you know that a train is coming into platform three, how about making continuous announcements to give people a fighting chance to get on the train? Don't wait until the train is arriving at 12th St. to make an annoucement. If you do that, don't even bother to make an announcement at all. You knew what track it was coming in on after the train left MacArthur, start making announcements then.

is it really equality?

If equality really exists, then why care about giving up your seat? Should you give up a seat to a pregnant woman? Some say NO because she shouldn't be working in the first place. I'm wondering at what point chivalry starts and ends?

Loaded Station Agents

I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to think these station agents are pulling in a little too much money. Has anyone else noticed the "Head Station Agent" parking space at the Daly City station?

Why no college discount for east bay riders?

I'm a starving student living in Berkeley (SF is too expensive) and need to take the BART five days a week to CCSF. I have to pay $7 a day to ride the BART to and from school, this adds up to $140 a month! This is an insane price for public transit which should be cheaper than other options. Why is there no discounted tickets for college students who need to commute into the city?

At this point I'm considering getting the senior citizen tickets and eating the fine when/if I get caught because it will still work out to being cheaper than buying the normal tickets!

M. Delgado

So whos with me in thinking that "M. Delgado" should take a long walk off of a short pier? Im getting tired of his masquerading around as some knowledgable BART employee when it is obvious that he doesnt know a f*cking thing. His info is always inaccurate and/or obviously intentionally wrong. Any thoughts?

BART Operation on President's Day, Monday February 19th

Trains operate on Saturday schedule. Parking is free.
Reserved/Permit except for disabled not enforced.

how does this bart plus ticket work?

first time using it this month. part A says it expires on the 15th. does that mean i still use part A as a flash pass tomorrow or do i need part B? the bart plus brochure- not very helpful!

also i must say this is one good thing about bart. if you buy the high value versions, you end up saving $3 on a monthly muni pass, plus you get 2 last ride bonuses. not great, but not bad either.

Parking at Concord station

Hello - I live in Fairfield and will be starting a new job in San Francisco, in the SOMA area. I need to arrive for work at about 9am and so would be catching BART about 7:30 am. I'm wondering about the parking availability at the Concord and or North Concord station.


London Property Prices

The boom in London property prices coupled with excessive demand for accommodation in the capital is forcing high-earning property investors to look overseas to add to their real estate portfolio, according to new research.
This year saw record City bonuses totalling an estimated �9 billion but the lack of supply of London property on the market forced many high fliers to widen their horizons when it came to spending their hard earned cash, report experts at the Homebuyer Show.

what does it take to become a bart train operator?

Hello everyone. I'm just curious, what are the requerments for a bart train driver, and what will it take to become one?

Rape foiled outside BART station

How come no one ever writes about the OUTSTANDING job, station agents do, as shown in the below story?

Rape foiled outside BART station
EL CERRITO: Passersby, workers chase off attacker in attempted sex assault; police are seeking leads in case
By Karl Fischer
A few minutes after helping open the El Cerrito Del Norte BART station, station agent Phaethon Brown found trouble lurking in the bushes about 150 feet from his chair.


Todays delay 2/13/07

Out of curiosity...what was today's delay? Both lines from the Fremont end were about a 30 min' delay: SF & Richmond lines. About once a week there's always something and w/ great dismay...it doesn't help to alter for an earlier or later train...bc they seemed to jinx us either way. Try keeping the 'NET' updated so we can allow for expected delays!

Del Norte Drop Off & Pick-Up is a DISASTER!!

Okay....I'm a "Glass is half full" guy.
I try to believe that people are kind, considerate and not retarded.
But.....NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!
They are NOT!!
People are really stupid, oblivious and rude. Not either / or...ALL three!

Del Norte doesn't really have a clearly marked drop off and pick up area. I guess that's somebody's bad, not mine though.
No curb cut out so as not to dirupt traffic flow while the driver is dropping off or picking up.
What they do have are TWO stop signs for crosswalks for folks going from the station to the parking lot.

Lucky me, starting my new station assignment on the wrong foot

So today as i'm sure you guys all know, we have new station assignments. i'm on my way back to my new station ending lunch. i was visiting someone at collesuem and returning to mine at about noon. im on the platform and surprise, some stupid kid steals something from the food vendor down there. now the vendor follows him up to the platform, and demands he either return the juice or pay for it. the kid says he 'didnt steal no nothin' and starts to walk away from the vendor. the vendor follows the kid, and the kid quickly becomes adjitated.


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