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The purpose of this site is to create a community for BART riders who are willing to share good and bad experiences. Through this site we are hoping to share with other riders/employees and let our voices be heard to BART management that BART is important to commuters. We highly believe BART can improve their system and service by correctly utilizing our hard earned fare. We support BART because it cuts down on pollution and helps our environment. Please spread the word to other BART riders. Happy BARTing!!!

Need to replace scrolling signs

Hey guys, this is actually a letter I just sent to the BART general manager, Tom Margro. But I wanted to know if you guys felt the same way, or had anything to add. If you do, please email me back at tdhock AT ocf DOT berkeley DOT edu.

I have been riding BART frequently for 5 years, including on my commutes to and from work. I am generally content with the rapid, frequent, and inexpensive transportation that the BART system delivers.



I am SICK, TIRED, and FED UP! Every time I log on this website, you have something STUPID to say! You are a waste of server space no doubt. NONE, and I mean NONE of your posts make ANY SENSE ... WHATSOEVER!

The Dildo Post... ¨What color was it?¨ Why is that relevant... at ALL?

In the seating Post... ¨Why would you sit near a socially challenged individual?¨ Did you even read the darn post?

The Spare your car Post... Why is it necessary to be so insulting to whoever made it?

Speaking of hobbies

In another post, it was called that we should all get a hobby. Okay, since this is a slow weekend, and I'm stuck here at work, I'll start:

#1. Gardening. I served 9 years in the Navy, a lot of it at-sea, with nothing but water-- now I thrive on having soil under my feet. I love working the dirt, getting things to grow. And it's outside, away from everything distracting.

I'll Sit Where I Damn Well Please

She must have been a 5150 (and possibly related to the person who posts here who can't stand for somone to sit next to them on an empty train). When I ride BART home at night, I try to sit as near the doors as possible and try to avoid the senior/disabled seats. My preference is to sit by the first set of seats near the door that are not senior or disabled because I get off BART when the train is still crowded and I prefer not to have to climb over a bunch of people. See, I ride BART for MY convenience, not to enable other people's phobias.

IPod Robberies

BART's printed notice that you use the white courtesy telephone in case you're confronted by a mugger is a joke. Do they expect you to say to the mugger/robber, "excuse me while I make a phone call"?

Bitch will you shut the fuck up.

On a 7am train, why must I have to hear with my headphones on you and your friends' big ass mouths?

I am sitting several seats away from you both, my hoodie covering my ears and my headphones pluged as far far as they can go. Yet I hear your conversation LOUD AND CLEAR!?!?

Do I want to hear that you are a teacher? Must I hear how proud you are that you enjoy your income bracket? Do I give a shit that you are part of X union and your contract has been renewed? Do you think the people sitting around you want to hear about your conversation? Do you wonder why EVERYONE is staring at you?

Spare your car and walk

I am one of the people who is fortunate enough to live within easy walking distance of bart. I walk out the door around 5:50 and easily catch the 6:05 train. It's great to only own one car. But enough of that,

What fries me is my neighbor who lives somewhere within a few apartments of me. Their car is parked right next to mine. They drive to bart.

They don't even park in the lot! They park around the corner less than 2 blocks from where they started! It probably takes them longer to unpark, parallel park, and walk the rest of the station than it does for me to walk.

"Lost Items" -- items left on trains

it amazes me, the number of things people leave on the trains.

as observed, most of the time, folks nod out while on the train, waking up at their station, and hurry off the train, leaving items on the seat. Or simply being absent minded and walking off...

on the C line, people leaving their laptop computer? cell phone? backpacks, wallets, you name it. I can understand keys falling out of your pocket on occasion, but it sucks having to find out when you're walking to the parking lot.

People sleeping across two seats?

I was looking for input from other riders to see what you do in this situation:

You get on a commute time bart train with no empty seats. In the back corner of your car there is a person asleep, laying across two seats. This is not the same person every time. Typically, the offending person is not very well dressed and is possibly a bum.

Curb the Parking cheaters

Why don't you figure out ways to monitor the abuse of the carpool and handicap spaces? I commute from the Pittsburg/Gunpoint station and am floored that there are so many handicap people east of North Concord. Of course Joel Keller will have you believe that it is impossible to enforce. I have offered numerous suggestions and have been told why that won't work rather than trying to come up with a scenario that WILL work. Perhaps if Joel used the station and commuted with a co-worker only to find all of the carpool spaces taken by cheaters would he make this topic a concern....

rogue Bart Cop

I had this experience a few years ago but just found this forum so feel compelled to relate it.

I was on bart from the Daly City station to Fremont on nearly the last train of the evening. (11:30ish)
My day started very early (9:00 am) due to finals at S.F. State and ended late. (I am a sign language interpreter at the university)
I hadn't eaten for hours and picked up a burrito at the College to bring home with me for a late dinner.
By the time I got to the coliseum station I was too hungry to wait til home. so I unwrapped the top of my burrito and nibbled away as I read my book.

who r they?

who r the bart police in the blue shirts? any body know? i tried lookin it up on the bart website but i didnt see any thing.

People search

One of the better searches online is the People search. Use it to find email addresses, phone numbers, and home addresses.

Air BART Fare Going From 2 to 3 dollars on March 1st

Apparently the increased revenue will go toward purchase of new buses.

Why Does BART suck so much?

Look, let's face it, BART sucks. It sucks all around, for everyone. They can't even tell you when you look at the screen 75% of the time when the next damn train is coming on their 1980s alarm-clock style signs. The prices are at a premium but the service is at a miminum.
Everything is done by computer, and those computers know where each train is at all times. Why is it such a secret when the next train is coming, or even the next Richmond, etc, one after that? There's no traffic on the tracks or anything else most of the time to make any difference, time-wise.

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