I was a Light Rail Operator for Sacramento Regional Transit. Can any BART Operators ... let me type that one more time... Can any BART OPERATORS please tell me the process for getting hired on with BART? I heard you have to be an in house employee or have to have a degree. Please let me know. Thank You---- Aaron


Unless you are a minority dont even bother trying. It would also help if you were a lesbian trans-sexual. Normal people are the lowest priority on the hiring list.

So if you are a minority you are not "Normal"?

Sounds like you are a racist, homophobic asshole.


Really. The application says "Minorities, Handicapped and Women especially encouraged to apply."

screw you, white male!

what the fuck...are you stupid. Im none of the above and i work there.

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Hi there, Aaron-

Disregard that fool two posts above my post. He or she is just talking, with no real truth behind it. BART hires operators occasionally, so it's best to keep checking frequently. When openings do occur, they usually fill quite fast.

I'm not sure about the prerequisites, but I'd guess that years with another light rail system would be a plus. Good luck, and I hope to see you out there some time soon!

Aaron -

Dont listen to these people who try to sugarcoat the situation. Unless you are a gay, gender neutral, trans-testicle or an immigrant who can barely speak english bart is not going to hire you. They have enough white people already. If you are a minority then I encourage you to apply.

Do you wonder wy this job is so sought after? Where else can you sit on your ass all day long, move a lever up and down and then speak into a telephone? Seriously, a monkey could do a better job and not complain so much. Plus you wouldnt have to pay the monkey union wages the monkey is the best bet in the long run.

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Hey if you hate your job so much why dont you quit and become a train operator? Boo Fukin Hoo to you. You should try to apply and see if you know more than a dumbass monkey! I really dont think you would make it past the front door! So take your (if your employed) non decision,ditch digging,no future job and stick it up your ass. Try going back to school and get at least a GED. I dont think ditch diggers have a union so I wont even try to explain why its an important asset to the working person. Ive never seen a monkey in my union so they must have ditch digging jobs like you!

No love for ditch diggers?
Wazzup wit dat?
Just a few points...
(or possibly more fuel for the "I hate jbap21" club)

No disrespect to nightrider, or Train Op's, But...

Ditches, or some variant of, make up a sizeable portion of BART's rail system and the pipelines that carry the various mediums that make BART work (air, H2O, gas etc).

Ditches, or some variant of, are an engineering feat on par with the wizbang engineering that created the BART system over 40 years ago.

Ditches, or some variant of, CAN be constructed by anyone with the proper equipment.
But, the REALLY good ditches.....
The REALLY important ditches.....
(you know 'em when you see 'em)
They are constructed by Engineering Contractors whose work force, in California at least, is primarly UNION.
Big Union...not 6 dudes and a folding card table.

As for the "dumbass monkey"...
I have a tip for a new job applicant with BART.
If you arrive at BART for the face to face interview and you see a monkey wearing a suit waiting for his interview.....
Pack it up and go home.
Everybody knows that monkey's wearing a suit are great test takers and very personable.

It's not that I don't have respect for T/O's. Because I do. I do have a question though.
Does the T/O job pay well enough so that a guy can raise a family and one parent can stay at home with the kids? Hopefully the answer will be yes.

Okay enough....
Queue the "I hate jbap21" club theme music..........

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jbap21... Oh jbap21... It hurts to see you dig yourself deeper (no pun intended).

I don't dislike you, because I don't know you. But please think about things before you post them. What does this have to do with BART?

I think that these kind of posts might have something to do with why people don't really like you...

> Does the T/O job pay well enough so that a guy can raise a family and one parent can stay at home with the kids?

Sorta. You start out in training - fulltime pay (about $1000 a week) for about three months. Then you are part time - 20 to 25 hours a week ($625 weekly, max) for about a year. Then you go full time - back to $1000, and now you can work overtime, to make up what you missed as a part timer.

Since part time is only 25 hours a week, you have a few options. Another part time (but not full time) job. Have your wife work, and you are "Mr. Mom". Or, just stretch and postpone expenses, and borrow money til you go full time.

Keep an eye on the website. Check on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. These folks make me laugh. I've seen BART hire all kinds...even white males. :)

Outsiders will need to work part-time at first. It could be 1-2 years before you go full-time. Be ready.

or it could be 6 months, you never know.

I am a current BART T.O. and had no prior train experience. I actually came from the airline industry. From my perspective, BART is looking for people with a strong customer service background in the application process. I applied online at About a month later I was invited to take a test that evaluated a variety of things including reading comprehension and logic. Apparently I passed that test and was invited to a group interview about a month later. About a week later, I was scheduled to a group agility test. After that came the physical evaluation including drug and alcohol tests. Since I worked for an airline in a safety related position, BART also needed to contact my prior employer and get results of any drug/alcohol tests done randomly or as a result of an incident. I made it through all of the above but felt that there would have been no flexibility for rescheduling if I were on vacation or couldn't get the day off from work.

After all of this, I was then put in an applicant pool for an open Train Operator certification class. The class went for about 12 weeks and my class lost 20 percent of the students that either failed skill-checks or tests. It was a very stressful process, since BART doesn't allow you to take a leave of absence from a full time job. You have to quit your other full time job to go through the training and you are out of luck if you fail out of the class.

On another note, I am a caucasian male that knew nobody at BART prior to applying. I also love my job and realize that I am there for the fare paying patrons. I take pride in doing my job which includes making clear station arrival and connection announcements.

Keep looking on, there will be numerous retirements in the next few years!

I would like to add to his post.

bart also has an ongoing pool of applicants
for TVM & TVET (transit vehicle mechanic / electronics tech).

The payscale is higher than for operators, and these positions
are also in a different union. One point worth making is that
operators can, and usually do, earn a larger paycheck due to
overtime (ot is hardly ever available in the shops), and work
related rules (missed break, missed lunch, etc.).

But, to a larger point, bart is hiring technical types. There
are some that make it through the entire process, to the point
of being hired, and realize that they will be working graveyard
shift with Tuesday and Wednesday as days' off; face it, this is
the transportation industry, 24/7 baby...

If you are sincere in your message, then thank you for the insight.

BEST way to get hired, is be related to Fannie, she has managed to hire half her family in one job or another. Have no worries mate, if you can't pass the class, Fannie, will find a place somewhere in BART for you. Not related, just get knocked up by one of Fannie's relatives and your as good as in.

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Hey Nightrider, I notice you don't deny the truth of being related to Fannie, who should be fired for her hiring practices!

What was your previous job in airline industry? Ramp agent?

worth note: even as a part time operator, you still get health care benefits.

but as noted earlier, the shift you get is what you get, not particularily what you want. and you'll not acrue vacation time, or seniority, until full time.

I remember talking with my classmates and the things we had in common was strong customer service backgrounds,transit experience was required, all had near perfect attendance in our former jobs and what made me go hmmm was;

We all passed our pre employment test like most of the other hundreds of people but also fastest, all of us were within the first 10 people finished at the end.

I figure if I had to weed out from thousands who pass I would probably take the top 10 in speed from each group.

We had 1000 people x 3 test events per day x two weeks (10 Days) = 30,000 People tested.

Take the Fastest 10 and you have 300 people to take to the next step. But this is just my guess, I didn't know anyone in BART at the time.

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Yep, a ridiculous number of people test for TO and Station Agent positions... Send some over to PD! We're hurtin' for recruits or laterals.

Does BART PD have enough money allocated from the budget to be able to hire more cops?
I see a bunch of recuiting efforts, ie. signs & shit for OPD, Border Patrol, Sheriff and even Richmond PD.

I do know that BART PD doesn't get paid as much as the above referenced departments.
Which seems kind of stupid to me.

I don't see any real recuitment effort on behalf of BART PD.

My kid's thinking cop as a carreer, but the pay is starting to suck.

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Well considering that recruits just out of the academy (train at AC Sheriff or another agency, as we don't have a POST certified academy just for BART) make almost $50,000 annually, it's not bad. Oakland starts out their Officers at nearly $70,000 annually. But BART PD is way understaffed - we have some of us working 60+ hours a week to make up for the deficit.

BART is also notably safer than many other Law Enforcement entities in California.