Does BART Ever Consider Customer Convenience

This morning during the AM peak, one escalator at 12th Street was shut down for cleaning. I appreciate the cleaning but does this have to be done during the commute? Why can't this be done midday?

On another morning, again during the AM peak, I came up the escalator at Civic Center and got a face full of water spray imbued with piss, puke and gawd knows what all from the BART cleaners who were power cleaning the area around the escalators and spraying passengers as they came up the escalators. I chewed the guy(s) out. Does anyone in BART maintenance consider the passengers? Does this really have to be done during the peak periods? Does anyone think about what they are doing?

that's fucking disgusting

We've discussed the System Services crisis before. While it's unfortunate that you experienced a face full of BART-Water, System Services is stretched thin, and as much as I'm sure they'd love to, they can't cater to your convience. They've only got a limited number of System Services personnel, and they must get all stations clean to the extent possible.

You should be greatful they're even doing that. Put yourself in their shoes (boots?). How'd you like to be doing your job, which is already hard enough, and have some arrogant asshole come yell at you because they caused them a slight inconvience?

God forbid you should take the stairs. God forbid you wait 2 minutes for them to finish. God forbid you arrive earlier in the morning. God forbid you walk to another entrance. God forbid anyone cross you!

How dare they? Damn those System Services!

-M. Delgado

Sorry to cut in on Mable Delgado's comment but it the only way I can post my rant...

WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH THESE IDIOTS TALKING ON THEIR CELL PHONES WALKING ON THE EDGE OF THE PLATFORM... I have observed this phenomenon for about a year now and cannot for the life of me figure it out. Does the cell phone emit waves that cause you to walk on the edge of the platform? I saw a guy almost get hit by a train the other day, he had his back to the trackway and his heels were literally hanging over the edge of the platform... Don't people realize that the train can't stop on a dime? If you should get bumped and fall on the trackway and your lucky enough to not be knocked out or have a broken limb, it's still very difficult to get back up on the platform EVEN IF YOU ARE IN GOOD SHAPE. It's a real mess if you get squashed by a train!!!

God forbid they should cordon off the area for cleaning.

You're disguisting with your foul language... Are you still in junior high? Grow up

Bart needs to have some accountability. Riders and taxpayer's pay a lot of money for the system, but it seems like it is never enough. You are making it seem as if Bart workers are doing us some big favor by fixing things. What is wrong with wanting work done during off peak hours? Everything is always stretched thin. Why is this? Maybe Bart management can explain this. Someone should be responsible. Also, in general, I have had positive experinces with Bart employees. However, Bart employees are fairly well paid for what they do (and they get great benefits). Bart employees make more money than most public school teachers. Why is there always such sob stories from Bart employees. If Bart is such a bad place to work, why don't they go get jobs somewhere else?

I was not aware Bart employees are exempt from paying taxes. Bart employees that you "see" cleaning the stairs and toilets are not the ones making the big bucks, it's management.
You look down on the working stiff when that person cleans up after you. Don't look down on the little man.
Your luck may turn one day.

This was so well written, I must commend you.

We pay taxes just like everyone else!

People like you (the water-splashee) is exactly why many (but most certainly not all!) BART employees have attitudes that are less than stellar. You deserved every Hepititus-filled, Clamydia-contaminated, Crabs-crawling drop of water splashed in your face.

Don't try and put the blame on those doing their jobs. Someone has to do it, and they do it when they are able to. And if that means you take a few seconds to detour, so be it. That notwithstanding, you clearly can't be that bright, as evidenced by your profanity-filled post. Grow up.


-M. Delgado
(And my name's not Mabel, LOL)

It's not worth your time to correct the people on this board.. They don't know the facts, and it's a waste of time to try to educate them.. They should find out for themselves who makes what money..

Last contract, SF Cronicle posted the salaries people that make the bucks.. But you'll still find people on this board that will swear that the front line employees are rolling in the cash..

If someone wishes to find out what a TO does or an Agent, or any other job for that matter (I mention Agents and TO's because most passengers see them), then they should apply for the job. BART's always hiring someone..

If you come across 1 BART Employee thats rude, there is 20 others willing to help, but you will remember that one.

All I can say is COMPLAIN! but only complain if someone was rude to you without provication, not because you didn't like the answer that the person gave you. The frontline employees only have so many tools they can use to help. You can and should complain if you don't like a policy, but don't take it out on the employee..

There isn't even an employee suggestion program anymore, so your complaints to Agents will fall on deaf ears, the only complaint/suggestion program is for passengers in the form of COMMENT CARDS.

Others on this board are quick to call others racial slurs..

I'm done..

Very well said and fair. I remember reading that many managers earned $108K and there were a lot of those positions.
There may have been a couple of train operators that earned over $100K, but no station agents. And even then, this is very hard to achieve. These are the front line employees people see the most and complain the most about.

You are sooooooooooo RIGHT. I haven't visited this site in many months because I got tired of reading the whiners and complainers. I logged on because a friend commented on something posted here. I read that post and then noticed that NOTHING has changed in the months I have been doing better things.

The same people are whining and complaining and still do not want a solution nor do they suggest a solution to any problem. They just want to vent. This site is so negative I don't know why anyone with an ounce of grey matter would keep logging on day after day after day after day after......

Of course they want to vent--the site is called BART RAGE, isn't it? The posts are negative because they reflect the experience and perceptions of the people who ride the trains. The solutions to the problems start with management and employees not raping every dime out of the system for their outrageous salaries. 100k to be a t/o?? Look no further.

Train operators DO NOT make $100K. Dummy. If a couple of t/os manage to make that, it's due to A LOT OF OVERTIME. Do you know what that is? Do you ever work more than 40 hours a week?? Slacker. And if they do work overtime, it's to make sure the runs go out so you don't complain that there's a missing train. Why do you think it's so hard for Muni to have a written schedule? Bart does and tries to follow that to the number.

Ok, then, just how much do they make??

Starting, for a Station Agent or Train Operator (pay is usually the same) is 60k/year, with benifits.

-M. Delgado

As long as this has come up, is there some place where BART salaries are posted?

No, because that's like me looking up your salary without consent. I opted to share this with you to clear up some misconceptions. This is starting only, without performance reviews, overtime, etc.

-M. Delgado

Thought publicly funded utilities had to make salaries a matter of public record.....

They're also unionized. That's more than a lot of white collar workers .

BART employees do get paid well - AND plenty of them have HUGE responsibilities. They ARE held "accountable" for EVERYTHING they do. MANY work totally crappy hours, (not like teachers who TAKE THE JOB KNOWING THEY ONLY WORK AN AVERAGE OF 10 MONTHS A YEAR WITH EVERY HOLIDAY OFF.) weekends, and holidays. The stress level is enormous and there is always someone watching you. NOW, let's see.... you say the "money is never enough" - that is true no matter WHO the company is!! Is BART supposed to spend spend spend to make you all happy? WHERE are they supposed to get all that money? Taxes?? PLEASE!!! They are only alloted a certain amount of $$ a year - they don't have open-ended bank accounts. WORK PERFORMED DURING OFF PEAKS HOURS IS ALSO KNOWN AS "TIME AND A HALF PAY" - DUH. I think YOU should get a job with BART so you can personally get a grip on reality. It is NOT a "gravy" job!! OH - tell me oh wise one - just WHERE are all these jobs "somewhere else" and why should BART employees be excluded from complaining? Money does NOT buy happiness.

Gotta agree about the teachers. They cut a fat slice for a part-time job....

Just so you know, an elevator technician or a building worker earns up to $33 an hour. That is $68,640 a year in base salary, plus excellent benefits (per the Bart web page). I wonder what the average wages for Bart riders is?

I got a face full of watery puke and piss and I'm supposed to be grateful? What I am is probably testing positive for Hep C. This jerk got me in the face with spray that had come off the filthy Tenderloin sidewalk and down the escalator. I'm supposed to be grateful? Even if it was clean, I'm supposed to grateful? Man, BART employees really are the limit. I take a bath every morning, I don't need a morning power spray. You are a complete IDIOT. You are damn right I yelled at him and if it happens again, I'll yell at him again. There was aN escalator full of people getting splashed with filth and you are lecturing me about my attitude? UNF**KINGBELIEVABLE!!!!

I'm supposed to be grateful when piss and puke is splashed in my face? What I am is probably Hep C positive. I'm supposed to grateful when I get a face full of Tenderloin filth washed off the sidewalk and down the escalator directly in my face? You are an IDIOT. The escalator was full of people getting their second morning shower only this one was contaminated. You're damn right I yelled at him and I'll do it again if some dumbass BART employee sprays me with waste waster off the filthy street, especially in the Civic Center. UNF**KINGBELIEVABLE!!!! MOre contempt from BART employees. You must be a union rep, I can smell the odor from here.

Dirty water splashed on you because you insisted on walking near the person was spraying with absolutely no regard for what he was trying to do. You wanted him to stop what he was doing for you. Bart janitors get hepatitis shots precisely because they are exposed to disease carriers like you.

why r u getting mad @ them? ur an idiot. with all that anti-union shit u must b a manager. but they actualy have some intelligence to b a manager. i hope u slip on the wet floor n break something and get paralized and have to talk with the computer. like steven hawking.

You, sir, are the "idiot" and the "dumb ass." The person who sprayed you with relish does not work for Bart. If the person was spraying on the street level, the person works for San Francisco City and County or a contractor who was hired by the city. Bart employees only take care of the station and not the street.

Right on man. You're completely right. People are defending BART employess' high salaries, and then telling you that YOU have to look out for them when they're doing their job? If they're so well paid, shouldn't they have just a LITTLE responsiblity to do their jobs well? Getting sprayed in the face is completely unacceptable.

Didn't we already determine that this person was sprayed by a city of SF employee?

Yes, it was previously posted that it was SF employee on street level. But then, it proves another point...BART riders DON'T read. They CAN read, but DON'T.

The average BART riders is NOT an elevator technician or a building worker.

AVERAGE BART employee makes under $30.00 and over $25.00 an hour - plus they pay small deductibles for the benefits and way too much for Union dues.

How about that shabby Daly City station. It looks like a bomb went off in the plaza. It has been like this for a couple years now. Cement over the hole, take down the crappy fence and get on with it!!!

Yet, we're not talking about elevator services. We're talking about System Services. The janitors.

Regardless of how much they make, they've still got one hell of a job. Check out the post in the forum about System Services.

And I agree with the previous Anonymous. This is not a place to use foul language. Try and act like an adult.

FYI- If you take into account many of the commuters in downtown SF every day, I'd say the average salary is SOMEWHERE between $30-65,000

Just an estimate, not based on fact.

-M. Delgado

Yes, who cares how much they make? I certainly do not want to clean a public toilet. I remember years ago, before 9-11 and the restrooms in the Embarcadero station were open, a man came out and literally sprayed the walls with feces. Apparently he was a regular transient to the station and the janitor asked him why he did that, especially since he just reopened the bathroom after cleaning. The regular said he couldn't help it. Whether the regular got sick or not is beside the point. It's a horrble job.
I, on the other hand, went to the Hyatt to use the facilities.

If you were exiting the station at the street level, the people spraying you with puke, piss and HepC contaminants were NOT BART employees! They were cleaning the streets of SF - NOT BART property. Complain to Mayor Nuisance and his City Maintanence crew.

When I got on the motherfucking escalator I didn't know they were washing anything until I got halfway up and saw the spray then got a face full. What was I suppsoed to do, run down the up escalator? If this symptomatic of how BART employees think, no wonder things are such a mess. It's not my job to anticipate BART maintenance and be on the lookout for maintenance workers, wherever they might be. IDIOT!!

The streets are washed by the city. Also, the MUNI level of the shared stations are washed by the city. So what happened sucks, but I'm not ready to blame BART employees. Perhaps you saw ID badges on them? That would be pretty definite.

Bart workers are very well trained,
in the downtown stations in SF we try to have atleast one person acting as a lookout for people approaching to signal them to stop until they pass.
keep in mind that,people are coming from all angles and we will catch them at the last second sometimes.
at this point we would ask the person to hold on a second,so that we can stop.
most people will wait but,a few will yell "IM IN A HURRY" only to go stand in line at "Starbucks" for twenty minutes.
And finally,the Bart workers that clean the steps,have so many to do per night and sometimes run into the opening of the station trying to get it done.
THANKS TO ALL THE PATIENT PEOPLE and to all the people that complain without knowing the FACTS,GO POUND SAND,KICK ROCKS,ETC.

Too bad he didn't power spray your mouth with Lysol because you have a potty mouth.
You talk so tough with your potty mouth behind your computer, if you felt you were assaulted by the spray, why didn't you challenge the sprayer to a duel? Right there, in front of all the homeless at Carl's Junior? Couldn't take him, that's why. Punk.

Ha ha ha. What a hoot. I wonder why nobody is sympathetic to Mr. Potty Mouth?

Mr/Ms Potty Mouth probably has no friends and wanted to come here to complain and have people agree with him/her for a change. But, because s/he was so ill-informed and confrontational, they obviously lost any support they may (and that's a possibility at best) have had.

Mr/Ms Potty Mouth, how dare you come on here and call people dumbasses and idiots, and use such language towards the people who are trying to educate and inform you? You have some nerve, and I hope you take this as a lesson to (A) not be quite so confrontational (B) realize that those trying to help are doing just that: trying to help (C) when you don't get the answer you like, don't throw a tantrum and use foul language: no one used such language towards you, although I'm sure we were ALL tempted to at one point or another of your babbling, and (D) the world does not revolve around you.

Thank you so much for your participation in this forum! You sure had a lot to contribute! But, since you are the most vocal one in this group right now, it might help if you have something intelligent to say.

-M. Delgado

If you want to see how much a Bart job pays (this is true for other public agencies), go to their website and search the jobs (some agencies also post pay schedules because this is all public information).

Examples for Bart:

Buildings Worker: Pay Rate
$25.81 - $33.74/Hour (MWIII)

Personnel Analyst I:Pay Band 2
$4,806.50/ monthly - $7,450.25/monthly

Mgr of Transit Vehicle Cleanin: Pay Rate
$7,101.42 To $11,007.33/Monthly (PB08)

Benefits:ART offers one of the most comprehensive compensation and benefits programs you will find anywhere. We pay at rates that are strongly competitive in the labor market, and complement our pay program with an outstanding benefits package. Benefits include the renowned CalPers pension, excellent medical, vision, and dental coverage, supplemental insurances, excellent paid holidays and vacation, as well as two investment programs, one of which is entirely funded by BART on your behalf. BART also saves you money in your paycheck because no deductions are made for Social Security.

So, overall, accross the board it seems as if Bart workers are paid very well, and get great benefits. If a Bart worker thinks they can get more money elsewhere because they don't make enough money then do so.

Only reading through quickly but no deductions for Social Security, but we pay to CalPers.. BART Workers would not be able to collect Social Security at retirement.

BART does pay fairly well (depending on department though), not outrageous.. otherwise there wouldn't be a constant list of job openings at BART

You are correct. Being civil servants, we can collect the California Public Employees Retirement System benifits, but we don't get social security. Whoever suggested we do should check their facts prior to posting this rif-raf nonsense.

-M. Delgado

"MABEL" "D" is my hero!!!