high cost of parking fines for parking violation- Permit required 4-10 am $75

My daughter takes BART to San Francisco City College 3 times a week. Last Monday 8/24/17, she could not find a parking spot and had an EZ Rider parking tag hung from the rear view mirror. My daughter works 40 hours a week making $13/hr and has to take BART 3 times a week to San Francisco. First of all, 99% of BART Commuters are working class people, and parking fees used to be $1.00/day, and it went up to $3.00 per day while working class commuters' wages have not kept with these increases. So, the relationship between BART and its customers are not very good. My daughter was in a hurry and since she could not find a free parking space, it was already 9:33 am (27 minutes remaining for the permit to expire), and there were plenty of unoccupied parking spots marked for Permit required from 4 am to 10 am. She parked illegally for the remaining 27 minutes there was almost 95 to 98% of the permit parking spots were free. Well, when she returned from San Francisco to Union City BART station, she found a ticket on the windshield for $75.

It seems that BART management officials are completely detached from the working class in the Bay Area. To fine working class commuters $75 for parking in a permit area at 9:33 am while there are 95% of free parking for this area is just plain unconscionable. With the high cost of living in the Bay Area and the hardship that working class commuters experience every day just to reach work so they can pay for the bare necessities to continue to survive in this area, it is appalling that BART Management officials had decided to castigate those of us who work for a living by imposing a high-cost fine ($75) that 99% of us (working class commuters) can not afford.

BART Management Officials, please ride BART, and look around you to see and learn about your customers. They are working class and they are taking BART because they can not afford to drive or park to San Francisco. I wrote to the BAY AREA Rapid transit system pleading for a relief or consideration and received a cold reply stating the fact that the car was parked in the permit areas illegally, and the fine of $75 stands.

I want to challenge these fines that BART Officials impose on us. I would like to know how did they come up with a fine of $75 for parking in a permitted area in Union City while there are almost 95 to 98% free parking spots in this area. May I propose a conscionable solution to this outrageous cost of fines.

1. Why do you have so many designated parking spots for Permit Area parking? Have you evaluated the occupancy rates for these Permit parking areas by station? Why is the permit from 4 to 10 am? Why are 95-98% of these permitted parking spots are always unoccupied in Union City Station?

2. Instead of castigating and punishing working class commuters when they commit a minor parking violation and create a bad hostile relationship with BART Customers (The Working Class Commuters), and create a great deal of animosity and resentment between the public and BART, wouldn't be more constructive to extend an olive branch and try to show compassion and understanding to the plight of the working class in the BAY area.

BART's objective is to change or modify the behaviors and build a good relationship with the working class commuters (BART Customers). By severely punish your customers with high-cost parking fine of $75 for 1st-time violation is not going to build a good relationship with your customers (working class commuters). BART Management Officials must be smart, and reasonable. By issuing a warning citation for the 1st offense, followed by a $25 fine for the 2nd offense, and followed by $50 fine for all subsequent offenses would demonstrate that BART Management is interested in building a good working relationship with its customers and being smart and reasonable. The current relationship between BART and its customers is not good.