Inexcusable Employee Behavior

I've actually had very positive experiences with BART in general, I started a new job and am now doing the daily commute from the East Bay to SF and haven't had problems so far. That being said, this morning while trying to pay for my parking stall, the machine kept telling me to "see agent", so I did, and asked the woman in the glass office for assistance. She told me I didn't have enough money on my ticket, but since it was displaying $15 I showed some confusion, and simply asked for clarification. At this point she was very snippy with me and told me that's just how it was (granted I'm a newbie and can still make dumb moves, I'm the first to admit it) but this woman's anger proceeded to escalate far beyond necessary levels, and at one point she called me an "idiot for not comprehending anything she was saying", and that this conversation was over and she would no longer assist me. I was flabbergasted. This was after I'd asked how I could reload my ticket in order to pay for parking, since I was being told by every machine that I could NOT reload this particular ticket. I'm not blaming the error on BART, I'm sure if I were more experienced I'd known what to do and where my mistake was, but this woman's behavior toward me was inexcusable. To name-call a paying rider, calling me "stupid" and an "idiot", made my jaw drop. Once I'd finally managed to reload my card, I came back around to her office and politely asked what her name was. She did not look up nor acknowledge me, and when I asked, "you're not going to give me your name?" she laughed. At that point I said thank you and went on my way.

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Wow, So wrong. Call BART 1 510 464 6000 8:am-5:pm just note the exact time and station and they can investigate or ask for a customer comment card at any station agent booth and a supervisor should contact you if you leave your contact info.

Defiantly complain, to the above mentioned number or a comment card, be sure to note the exact time,date and station you were in at the time as well as any defining features of the employee who you interacted with.
Asking for their name was ...a good effort at best...they are not obligated to tell you their name (laws etc) but SHOULD be wearing a name tag/plate(for future reference).

Good luck and I hope any other interactions with Bart employees turn out like they should,not like this one.