Train Door Problems

The train I was on yesterday had a door problem. The auto announcement kept repeating that the door was obstructed, even though it was visibly closed. The Train Operator announced that he was leaving the cab to try to take care of the problem. The train departed shortly after that. I commend the Operator for taking the time to correct the issue so the train didn't have to go out of service. However, he failed to announce that the door had been manually locked out. When I reached my stop and tried to exit, the door didn't open and I tried to make my way to the other end of the car to exit. Of course, on a crowded train there was no way to get to the door before it closed and the train took off. It would have been nice to have an announcement that riders in that car would only have one working door. It would have also been nice to allow some extra time for riders to exit the crowded car with only one working door.
One step forward and two steps back for customer service. Nice try BART.

This incident also causes me to question why a train with a door problem has to be taken out of service if the TO has the ability to lock out a door. Are trains being taken out of service because a vindictive TO wants to "teach us a lesson" or are they just too lazy to leave the cab and take care of the problem?

Yes, it is unfortunate that they did not announce it , however ONE set of doors was out of service, are you really so incapable of moving to another set of doors?
I doubt it .
Perfect world, doors would not fail and You would know all at all times,
Welcome to the not so perfect world

Operators don't make those decisions. Central does. If the TO came back and locked out the doors, you should have known they weren't going to open at your stop right? Did the doors get the bright green door not working decals? If you were on that car, and heard the auto announcement then it is your duty to be aware of your surroundings and prepare to off board at your stop. Additionally, YES, some trains are taken out of service from doors being jammed in the pocket or badly damaged off the tracks. The TO locks out doors to try to mitigate a problem but it all comes down to weather or not the car's door safety equipment will allow the car to stay in svc or not. Any door on any train that does not close or cannot be securely locked out must be removed from svc for the safety of the riding public.