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The bikes are becoming a nuisance.

I've been noticing recently that bike riders abandoned any semblence of courtesy and take their precious climate saviors to their seats with them. Not only do they block the next seats but the aisles as well. So much for that grand experiment.

I've never found them to be

I've never found them to be courteous at ANY time. What I have noticed, however, is that may T/Os
are not enforcing the first car rule about no bikes. I ride on the lead car for sole purpose
of avoiding the Green Elite and their rolling coat hangars and would like to see them all banished
to the back cars where they belong, if indeed they belong at all.

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"Green Elite and their

"Green Elite and their rolling coat hangars"

Classic line.

Is anyone surprised?

Is anyone surprised? Unfortunately the bike can be a very handy too to barge one's way onto the train and to conveniently block a seat (or more).

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I know that it might seem

I know that it might seem that this is not working, but push the BART Board to listen to us when we ALL SAY that there should be a car, or 1/2 a car with bike racks and standing room would be so easy, and make so much sense, that it will never happen.

In an ideal world, I agree

In an ideal world, I agree with you, but I can also see how ensuring that EVERY train had one of those would be hell. It would make managing consists much more difficult if you have to go "Okay, we have 6 cars here, and we want it to be two three car trains...oops, there's only one bike car. Gotta swap another one in from somewhere". Not gonna happen.

The ONLY way they could do that (reasonably speaking) is make ALL C cars (flat-nosed end cars) or ALL A Cars (sloped-nosed end cars) bike cars. That happens to defeat the point of "no bikes in the first car", and could result with some trains having 2, 3, 4+ bike cars, and some having just one.

The bike riders are like

The bike riders are like children. They will break every rule until there are consequences. As there are no consequences and train operators and station agents ignore/"don't observe"/have no power to enforce the bike rules, the bicyclists don't follow any rules. They push their way onto crowded trains (I was on a train that was so crowded the doors were not closing yet somehow a bike pushed themselves on that car), they don't enforce cars (maybe 50% enforce 1st car, 0% enforce first 3 cars during rush hour), they are on the escalators (I saw an almost fight because of this), and abandoned bikes so the rider can have a seat halfway down the car.

On BART's homepage it says:

Crowded car survival guide:
BART is carrying record ridership, serving over 400,000 trips on most days. Here's your Crowded Car Survival Guide. Read more

The BART bike rules say:

Regardless of any other rule, bikes are never allowed on crowded cars. Use your good judgment and only board cars that can comfortably accommodate you and your bicycle. - See more at:

These two contradict each other, especially during rush hours. This, in addition to only 10% of bike riders having that "good judgment", leads to uncomfortable rides. The train operators could say "crowded train, no bikes allowed" but they would have to care. The BART board consists of highly paid idiots who probably never ride BART during rush hours so they don't care. Only the commuters who want a tiny bit of space to stand get screwed. I don't see any of this changing anytime soon.

The bike riders are

The bike riders are parasites. Always something for nothing, always in the way, always whining
about their rights. Disgusting.