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Parking fees to increase at multiple stations in January

Are they F'ING kidding us? $40-60 a month just for parking?

"There will be a $0.50 daily parking fee increase at many stations in the month of January, 2014. All revenue generated from these new fees will be placed into a special account only to be used for programs for improved station access, including shuttle and feeder service to stations, and much needed station rehabilitation, and modernization."

it's getting to the point

it's getting to the point where taking Bart is not saving any money. Might as well just drive and pay for parking.

Wait a minute.. they are not going to start to charge at all stations? Concord and North Concord is still free?

They should just charge parking for all stations and not increase at the stations that charge already.

Forget this 95% full crap.

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It's still a LOT cheaper to

It's still a LOT cheaper to ride BART. For example, let's say you live someplace near Walnut Creek and work in the city. The costs work out to something like the following:

Monthly parking at the 5th and Mission garage: $305

$6 toll x 20 working days: $120

46 miles round-trip x 20 working days x $0.55/mile: $506

For a total of $931

Walnut Creek to Powell $10.20 round-trip x 20 working days: $204

Parking at Walnut Creek $1.50 x 20 working days: $30

For a total of $234. Even if you went with a reserved parking spot at BART (I can't find the exact price, but let's call it $100/month) the total is still only $304, which is still less than the parking alone in San Francisco...

This, coupled with the fare

This, coupled with the fare increase, just about puts BART a tipping point
for driving again. Still no additional fee for bikes-why do these freeloaders
continue to get a break?

Are you serious? Those of us

Are you serious? Those of us who bike or walk to stations have been saving those who drive to BART money since day one. Fares are expensive partly because of the cost to construct the massive BART parking infrastructure (something like 43,000 spaces), yet people who bike and walk have been subsidizing those costs by paying the same fares as those who drive and demand plentiful car parking. The nominal $1-2 parking charges that have been in place the last few years don't come close to covering the huge cost of constructing parking lots and garages.

I'm completely serious.

I'm completely serious. Space is at a premium on a crowded train and if someone is
taking up more than their share they should PAY for it. Cyclists pay no license
fees, don't have to have insurance and pay no taxes to maintain the roads they
use for free. It's about time they pay for SOMETHING.

Should pedestrians have to

Should pedestrians have to pay a tax to walk on the sidewalk? On another note, charging a fee for bikes would be impractical, as it would require some sort of special ticket or turnstile (that would add the extra fare) just for bikes only. Also there is already a large issue with fare evaders and if BART can't enforce that they would never succeed in enforcing a bike surcharge, because bike passengers would either use the normal ticket/turnstile or just not pay the fare at all.

I wish the bicycle riders had

I wish the bicycle riders had to pay a tax every time they rode on the sidewalk; lord knows
they do it often enough. As far as charging cyclists for BART access I think they should
have to purchase a monthly sticker in the $40-$60 dollar range. This would level the
field with those who have to pay for parking and increase BART revenues even more.

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The problem is not

The problem is not bicyclists, the problem is lack of parking garages.

BART wants people to leave their cars at home and shlep their gear to a bus stop, wait in the weather, take a tour around town, shlep their gear up to a platform and wait some more. Once on the train people can be reminded of how fortunate they are by the ever increasing amounts of unfortunates sleeping off their drugs and booze soiling themselves and fouling the air. All this and the passengers can hear commuters in their warm comfortable pleasant smelling cars rumbling off in the distance. They do this like soldiers off to the crusade of fortune to ward off unfortune for they know the indignity to do otherwise will have them sleeping on the trains soiling themselves as well.

BART needs more parking garages not more fees.

But hey, that's BART management for you...Managing you, your time, and your money all the while challenging your immune system.

I hope this helps you understand the joke and that yes, you are the butt of it.

no buses to and from BART

no buses to and from BART during late hours! i would love to leave the car at home and walk or ride a bike but I work too late and live in Antioch! Even from Bay Point, you could get to BART on the bus, but you can't get home and cab service is most undependable in the East Bay.

More Parking Garages would be so nice!

There are still bike lockers and bike racks to maintain

I'm just plain tired of BART and ready to drive because my employer is sick of me having to run for the BART train anyway. At least they'll shell out the $35.00 a day to Park and $4.00 for the bridge.

Yes, people and their stupid luggage should pay for two plus seats on an SRO train. BART runs five car trains packed with travelers and their luggage at midnight. Love that SMART BART MANAGEMENT. I hope they get theirs SOOOOOOOOON.

Hey DUI Dorothy Duggert can afford to buy her own private BART garage with what she made off of BART without even working for it!

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I think the eventual hard cap

I think the eventual hard cap of $3 is still plenty low enough considering the price of parking at any other paid spot, anywhere. When was the last time you even found a parking meter that's less than 50 cents an hour? $1 for all day parking was ridiculously low. We're just lucky they didn't decide to slam everybody all at once.

"It's still a LOT cheaper to

"It's still a LOT cheaper to ride BART."

That's not the point. BART should not be raising fees just to be under what people would pay if they didn't use BART.

BART should instead figure out how to live within their means and not count on increasing their 'means' whenever they need something.

BART should actually be

BART should actually be higher, they should be the same price as when they opened (adjusted for inflation plus any additional cost due to aging).

In most places BART is less than $2 and gets you two cities away, and 24hour parking for less than $3 is a steal in today's money.

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As you can see from the

As you can see from the numbers above, BART costs 26% of what it costs to drive ($234 vs $904). That's hardly "just...under" what it costs to drive.

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This thread has potential.

This thread has potential.

my point exactly. I

my point exactly. I understand the list of 'costs' for driving to SF. Lets accept that is what it actually costs, the rate for parking in SF should not dictate what it should cost on Bart parking or fares in Fremont. They should work on getting more efficient with what they have and cut down waste than fleece people because they know the alternative will be more expensive i.e - no other choice but to pay.