It seems like there are a lot of idiots on here and a lot of smart ones too... You can decide for yourself which category you fall into...

As a BART employee... I want to say that following..

All of you people that are so pissed off about us wanting management to address safety issues, pissed off because we want raises, pissed off because we went on strike... this is for you

i haven't had a raise in 5 years but the general manager grace crunican got $20k after 6 months
she's fully vested after 2 years
she walks away with full medical and pension.

Why aren't you mad that the Board of Directors that YOU voted in are FUCKING YOU???
Why aren't you mad that (dis)Grace came in right in time for a contract and brought in a Head negotiator named Tom Hock knowing that everywhere he goes, he brings about a strike?
Why aren't you mad that YOUR Board of Directors did NOTHING to avoid a strike but instead said that July was a good time to strike because people were out of school and on vacation?
Why aren't you made that YOU paid Tom Hock $400K in tax payers money and he went on VACATION with only DAYS left in an existing contract?
Why aren't you mad that YOUR Board of Directors if pissing on your and calling it rain?
Why aren't you mad that the same man Tom Hock who caused the strike is being PAID by BART to use his shuttle bus services?
Why aren't you mad that it's a total conflict of interest?

Why are you mad that the unions want a fair and equitable contract?
Why are you mad that the workers deserve raises?
Why are you so mad that instead of supporting a Union that is fighting for ALL middle class people and lower, you attempt to bring them down?
Why you are not at your own jobs demanding your own worth?

Why should I feel like the bad guy because BART said when they hired me that they would pay me as much as they do?
Why should I feel like the bad guy because I know BART is making money hand over fist but they insist that they're unable to pay us a fair wage?

Be mad because because YOU'RE being played by the media?

Be mad that they won't tell you the truth

No one is tripping off of Dorothy Dugger & Grace Crunican's pay...but instead you're all pissed at us...


fucking crabs in a bucket wanting to pull us all down...

None of the unions want to strike..we only want what's fair...

we are mad at her as well, but your bloated contract is up for negotiation and therefore you are bearing the brunt of the negativity as of now...but do not for a second think that we feel like the management is without fault.

if you don't want to strike...than don't. you need to make concessions, and we are not looking for you to take pay cuts, just not an 23% increase in salary!

That's unbelieveable (dis)Grace Crunican has hardly been at the table and yeah, why would you hire a douche bag from OHIO to come and make things more complicated for $400K on the taxpayer? the 20K thing really bugs me too. i think BART management and the Board truly suck and they should be gone. good luck; i hope you guys get everything you want. What does BART's GM do exactly then?

Only a BART management moron would decide to inconvenience everyone by doing the TBT retrofit maintenance the way it is being done. Talk about a project that is years and years late and then all of a sudden everyone has to be inconvenienced by it. At least a delay a day is BART's way today!

I'm pissed off at Jerry Brown too. Useless piece of shit.