Embarcadero to DP took 1 hour and 15 minutes today...Nice timing BART

The hottest day of the year (century) translates into the slowest routes (in BART history). All the TO can say is "ahhhhhh folks, we're stopped here for a few moments". Ten minutes later, "ahhhhh folks....." then the train jerks violently three or four times. Several riders get whiplash. "ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh folks, we're stopped again" (duh). Really goddamn comforting, Mr. TO. Train that left Montgomery at 6:45pm can't even get to DP before 8pm. When we finally get to DP, TO says "Dublin Pleasanton end of the line (does he mean literally?), you must exit this train". No "thank you for riding BART" or "Have a nice evening". Can anyone explain why it is that evening commute rides are typically as pleasant as getting bit by a pitbull? Oh well, at least the train wasn't as packed as the PBP train that left Montgomery just a few minutes before.

I took a train to PBP and the TO announced every few minutes how late the train was at that point, 45 or 56 minutes. I got to my destination on time but crowded.

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2ndshift, on my way to the dentist this afternoon I had a very similar experience. How's about waiting at 12th street for 29 minutes, only to get an SRO 5-car PBP train, and when I finally got off, was sent packing with "This train is 47 minutes late, it was 50 minutes late leaving the airport. This is a Bay Point train. The time is now (blank)."

I can't help but think we might've been on the same train.

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That was sooo BART. Huge delays on the hottest day of the year. And the lack of explanations by the TO's sucks.

How about we tell you something that you already know,
"Attenion passengers, due to the hot weather.............we apologize for the inconvenience".

The BART fart yesterday is based on some crazy notion that very warm or hot days would never really impact the syste; almost as if someone forgot that it gets crazy hot all summer in central/eastern Contra Costa and eastern Alameda counties. These damn cars have decades old a/c that seems to be based on the premises of all traffic will be underground or during non-daylight hours. equipment failures, cars overheating, no contengency, just keep packin' 'em in the system. BART management does not care; I doubt they ride the trains.

Even if you buy all new equipment, when the weather starts acting up (hot, cold, etc.) it's still going mess up.

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Don't stop with just delays. I was attempting to board at Embarcadero to BP and the station was jammed (for both directions). They we hear after the BP train disembarks with few able to board due to being packed, that the next train is a 8-car Fremont train in 8 minutes followed by a 4-car Dublin train in 26 minutes.

WHAT THE F*#K??? Where are the 9- and 10-car trains that should be run at rush hour???

This was at 5:30 PM and 4-car trains are being run with huge time gaps?? For the other direction, 4-, 6-, and 8-car trains are being run to SFO. Ridiculous!!

And you riders that are trying to shove you way onto a jam-packed train before letting those getting off off, sign up for a brain transplant, please, because the one you got ain't working! Scheisse, I'm no brilliant scientist but I at least understand this much.

(My first rant and IT FEELS GOOD!!)

We are still trying to figure that one out.

You are all full of SH*T...

According to the BART Service Advisories page


There are currently no BART Service Advisories.

Right now

And since I *know* BART does not lie, it must be that all of you people that are lairs.