Daily Police Logs

According to SF Gate, as of July 18, BART is again making available the daily crime logs. Specifically, what are the steps or where is the exact link to where one CAN sign up to be put on the email list for, or find, these daily police logs, again now being offered?

Note, I am NOT asking for the CrimeMappers.com website which they briefly offered (that contained no details) but does not contain the dailyy crime logs. Frankly, I'll bet a million dollars this is a publicity stunt for "transparency" and these logs really aren't available -- but I'm happy if anybody can prove me wrong (but you can't I know).

Just google "bart police logs" and its the first link... did you even try to find the info?


You can sign up for daily log emails at http://bart.gov/bpdlog

I can understand your frustration. Have you signed my petition yet?