So f-ing sick of demagnitized tix!!!!!

I swear this never happened in the past & now that bart is charging an arm & a leg for everything they put the stress on us with their cheap ass tickets!!!! I just got brand new $48 tickets yesterday & in a hurry today coming into San Bruno Bart I get "See ticket agent" for all 5 tickets! Are you fuckin' kidding me!? It's such a damn hassle to have to go out of your way to a specific station that can change your ticket, such bull shit! And as I'm waiting for my train the time went from 3min to 6min, Bart needs to get their shit together!


I would do EZ Rider in a second, but you can't use commuter checks for them. Another way that BART can't seem to get it together. And where are we on TransLink?

Translink isn't gonna work, lol.. Goto googl news and search for Translink, the program is stalled again..

This is what the 3rd time they have tried translink in the past 10 years? I will be shocked if it works the way it was planned.

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you can use commuter check to refill the ez rider card. check out our office offers commuter checks in paper form, reloadable debit card, mastercard, and electronic.

You can link the transit part of an EZ Rider card to a commuter debit card, but you cannot pay with the paper checks (or cash!). The parking part of EZ Rider doesn't work with either of my WageWorks debit cards (parking & transit, altho WageWorks swears up and down that EZ Rider parking is coded as transit). There's a lot to like with EZ Rider over TransLink, but compatibility with your pre-tax commuter benefit stuff / ease of payment is not one of them.

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I have my EZ Rider card linked to my WageWorks MasterCard. I have been using this for at least a year.

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commuter checks can also be distributed in the form of a debit card. check the website (, and then speak with your company's benefits manager.

Bummer, but keep your ticket away from a magnet.. The tickets are way better today than they were 10 years ago when they were paper and weaker.

As for the ticket exchange, those are wonderful. Previously you could only replace a ticket by mail, which took 3 weeks ore more. You still have the mail option if the tix window is to much for you.

If you have issues with properly keeping your tickets, you could always go for EZ-rider, which uses a smart chip.

I rode BART for 7 years and guess how many dmag tickets I've had? None.

I kept the ticket I used to ride to my new hire orientation 4 years ago in my wallet as a keepsake for it being "my last ticket". It still works to this day.

I know the tickets are sensitive, but people have to take some personal accountability for them too.

yeah, never had this problem. just put them in a pocket with nothing else in it.

A mobile phone (any type) receiving a call on vibrate and/or ring mode will wipe out the magnetic data on a BART ticket. I entered the system with a good ticket, placed it in my shirt pocket behind my mobile. Outside of West Oakland station, I picked up a call, spoke for 20 seconds and hung up. My ticket data was wiped out with "see agent" at Embarcadero.

That's a bit broad. I've never demagnetized any of my mag stripe cards (credit cards, debit cards, BART tickets, etc) with my Nokia candy bar shaped phone. My Motorola flip phone (RAZR2), OTOH, I keep away from everything. If you put it up near a CRT you'll see that it does indeed have a big magnet (to keep the flippy bit closed). I'm pretty sure that one will demagnetize BART tickets readily.

Also, there are always the occasional bad batch of tickets.