Just a quick FYI:

During Monday's SFMTA Board Meeting a spokesperson from TransLink revealed that they are currently expecting to be revenue ready on BART in April 2009.

Uh huh...

don't tease me

the TransLink websites states:

...installation and testing has begun on BART and Caltrain, but TransLink is not yet available for BART and Caltrain riders.

does this imply that caltrain, Alameda/Oakland Ferry, etc.. are also pushed back another year or two?

If you want to see for yourself, it's about 31:30 into the 9/15/2008 video.

did you mean 21:30 on the 9/16/2008

Of course.....


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Right. That's what they said last year. I'll believe it when I see it.

I think they started testing today. I was hoping that TransLink would officially start working this summer before I moved from San Francisco. At least the MetroCard is pretty cool.

At least it's working on Muni. =p

Yeah, it's not official yet, but you really can buy a Translink card (ostensibly for AC/GG Transit users, but there are a dozen or so SF locations you can buy it at. =) and you can use it to get around.

It works almost everywhere on muni now and is perfectly useful assuming you don't ride enough to make a fast pass cost-effective.

Considering how much Muni sucks compared to BART in most aspects, it's pretty impressive that BART is failing so hard in this department.

I've been using it on MUNI for years.

I am disapponted that they have been using the BART roll out delays as an excuse to delay roll out to all the other transit providers