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Spare the Air

I usually really like Spare the Air days, cuz I save a couple bucks on BART. Monday's, however, was extremely unpleasant. Since everyone wants a free ride, at 5pm when all the commuters were getting off work (myself included) the 12th Street Oakland BART station was jam packed. There were at least double, if not triple the amount of people down there that there normally would be. When the Fremont train arrived, it too was jam packed. We all tried to get on the train, and the operator closed the doors on us! I realize that they are on a schedule, but bruising your passengers arms isn't very nice! Also risking breaking the doors....

Every single day

I get on the BART every day at the Coliseum and I get off at 12th St. Oakland. Anyone who rides this train can tell you that once you hit 12th St. (which is 3 stops away) the train empties out. Regardless of this fact, the same people (2 ignorant girls, in this case) get on in the front car and walk all the way to the back, inconveniencing the entire train of standing passengers. When they realize there are no empty seats (which there will be a plethora of in 10 minutes) they start walking back to the front. Every day these girls push past me, and everyone else in the train, TWICE. If they are looking for a seat, that's just annoying because can they not stand and wait for 10 minutes for their pick?

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