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Don't let the doors bite you in the ass on your way out

I was switching trains at Montgomery on a rain day when everything was 5 behind. I was at the end of the group of people coming off the train, and the doors almost bit me in the ass before I could get off. The TO must have hit the close door button the second the doors opened at the platform. There was a cyclist with his bike standing on the yellow strip outside the door, patiently waiting for everyone to exit before he boarded. The doors slammed in his face and the train took off. I felt sorry for the dude, I hope he didn't need that Pleasant Hill train specifically.

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Spam and Admin Upgrade

Edit: Admin has upgraded the site. Thanks admin!

A few points on the upgrade:

- New accounts now require a valid e-mail address. This isn't something that has to be enabled, but it will help keep "fake" accounts to a minimum. Discussion in the comments is encouraged.

- The new validation requirement seems to have kicked a lot of our more recent registrants into the "anonymous" category. Flipped a switch so this shouldn't happen in the future.

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Is it just me?

Or is BART a lot more crowded the last three weeks? I've been way further back in the parking lot than usual, and it's been standing room only on BOTH ends of my commute for the last three workdays. I don't remember the holidays affecting the commute this much in the past, but that seems to be the only explanation. Did they lose a train or something? Check under the mat, maybe there's a spare under there somewhere.

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Ban Hammer

When I log in and see three threads with 30,40,50 responses all between two trolls having a pissing contest on the internet, that is where I have to draw the line. Some of the accounts are new, a few are not so new, and then there's Bartarded. I should have banned you a long LONG time ago, but I put up with your shit because, for the most part, it was on topic. Well, congratulations if you were trying to see how far you could go, you found it.

For the record here is what I have done.


bartarded's mom

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It's that time again

So it's that time again with the striking and the pissing contests to see who can complain the loudest about how terrible their situation is. I'd really like to not have to spend a lot of time banning people, so let's try to be civil huh? Or at least creative and relevant with your insults.

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Wakeup Call

I really like the TO on my regular SF train. He's pretty chill until Embarcadero, then he does a wake up call announcement. He had a great one at Embarcadero this morning:

"Good morning everyone and welcome to a new work week. There are 14 days until Christmas, 19 days until we fall off the fiscal cliff, and a few moments to look around and make sure you have all your personal belongings..."

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BartRAGE Updates?

Alright folks, I’ve been watching the way things have been going here on BartRAGE lately and it’s nice to see some fresh faces again. However, along with that I’ve noticed that more and more the blog format of this site doesn’t reflect the way it is used.

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If you're going to break the bike rule, at least don't act entitled

Asshole Rider of the Day

I'm about to get on the (no bikes) evening train when a guy with his mountain bike cuts me off to get on the train ahead of me.  Then, he asks an old man who can't be younger than 70 to move to the other side so he can sit with his bike.  He sits in the isle so someone else will have to sit behind his dirty tire, then when the train gets full he hassles someone for bumping him.

That is the worst behavior I've seen on BART for a while, it's been pretty tame recently.

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Tell it to the Judge

Philo's post reminded me of something that happened to me last week. This older couple got on, both of them stinking of liquor, having a low key argument. The guy starts hitting on the woman in front of me, and his wife / girlfriend / hooker comes up and starts telling him, very calmly, to shut his mouth, and that if he didn't he'd be telling it to the judge. And that she works for the judge, so he knows she's not lying.

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Facebook Ad

I was on Facebook today and an ad popped up for this site:

I guess those ads don't cost much.

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Conversation on a crowded PBP Train

Bro man you remember me from Facebook bro? Oh man give me a hug bro. No you don't remember me? I seen you on Facebook man... My bro Fred was out with you last week, he was talking to his probation officer and he's totally going to pass man. You got your dolphins hat on that's cool msn as long as it's not the Raiders, huh bro? You don't remember me I was best friends with Stephanie that girl you met at that party last year? I'd hug you but you don't remember me. Oh man if you remembered me we'd be best friends....

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It's the Principle

I have a pretty small car, so when I see a good space with an asshole parking job next to it I take it anyway. Some beat-ass Mercedes had both tires over the line today. Still made it.

Is it that hard to park inside the lines? They know this lot fills up. I hope they get a ticket.

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I should have taken BART.... oh wait

What a shitty, shitty couple of days to have to haul my ass into the city. Yesterday, rather than take my chances with the protestors I decided to grab the company car and do a grand pick up tour at our different offices, then keep the car overnight. I offered to go back over the bridge people up if needed, but no takers. Made record time out of Oakland. I have heard that other people were not so lucky, sorry to anyone who got stuck in the city for a while, but I atoned for it today. I also had to buy an overnight permit for my car and leave it in the lot... again.

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Several VIP's have been lost on bart

Reposted from Claycord

A camera, with some Very Important Pictures on it, was lost on BART today, and the owners are asking for its return.

Here’s the email we received this morning….

Our nieces and nephews — along with the youngest (8) who is chronically ill — were able to come to california for a visit with their parents. This was a pretty big deal as he’s never been able to travel too far because of his medical condition which has kept them home-bound for much of his life.

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Team Spirit

Civic Center was all dressed up for the game. There was a huge group of people watching the game on the lawn of City Hall when I left. I snapped a picture of the closed info booth that one of the employees decorated:

Giant Info Booth

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BART video on hot cars

Help BART beat the heat

I've seen Lynette Sweet talk on camera before but I haven't actually seen Linton Johnson. Short little video worth a watch.

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Yes, I have change. No, you're not getting it. Leave me the Fuck Alone!

I'm cross-posting this from Claycord because typing it reminded me how angry I am at the people wrecking my commute every single day.

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Welcome to our newest Mod!

Lucifer has been given Moderator priveleges to help the time overlap for having a moderator around, bringing our active mod team to three. I'm sure he'll have something good to say to you all in the comments. I think he'll be a great addition to the team! Congrats on your "promotion" Lucifer!

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BART Community Meeting Points

OK I've rounded up the suggestions from the two posts regarding the $5 million surplus, why it should not be used for fare reductions, and other ways it could be used. I am going to post each block of points below for comments. This is your last chance for input, I currently have input from 16 different people. I plan to go to the meeting on WED JUN 16 in CONCORD. If anyone wants to attend with me, shoot me an e-mail at


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