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As if we didn't already know No Justice No BART are idiots. From :

Wednesday morning BART protest canceled

An activist group planning to protest outside downtown Oakland BART stations during Wednesday's general strike has had a change of heart after their plan was lambasted by some of their own supporters.

Strangely enough, many protesters are counting on BART to deliver them to the demonstration.

Oh please....

Apparently some more kiddies decided it'd be "cool" to attempt to shut down the commute again:

What assholes.

I'd love to grab one of them and explain to them:

If cell phone service was a first amendment right we'd have a hell of a lot better coverage throughout the bay area.

If you throw a knife at or take a swing at a police officer you can't be surprised when you get shot.*

I just wish the press would stop covering stuff like this. Maybe then these assholes would go and do something more productive with their time, like jerking off.

*- All the police I've ever talked to never ever want to be in a position where they have to shoot someone and will do everything they possibly can to not do that. But they do have to protect themselves and the public and are forced to make judgement calls all the time. the least we can do is respect how tough those calls are. If you're not there in the moment you have no way to judge whether the split second call was the right call. They deserve our respect and trust.

ATU votes tomorrow

So the ATU votes tomorrow on the proposed contract that was agreed to a week or so ago. Keep your fingers crossed and pray that they accept this one!

Also, remember that the breakdown of votes for the last one was roughly 200 votes for the contract, 400 votes against, and 300 abstentions/no-votes. So, even if the 400 people who voted no last time do it again, it's still possible to get it approved if everyone steps up and actually votes. I can't believe that you wouldn't vote on a proposal that is going to have major, immediate impacts on your life for the next 4 years.


SF Chronicle Editorial--wow! (Go Chronicle!)

Quite an editorial was just posted by the SF Chronicle. I've never seen them throw fire like that, and especially not with an anti-union message! After all, they can hardly be accused of being a bastion of right-wingers! They write:

Wrong-way thinking by BART union

A BART strike would devastate the Bay Area, snarling traffic, disrupting the economy and creating a commute nightmare. Does a holdout union really want the blame for this damage?

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