BartRage Mission

The purpose of this site is to create a community for BART riders who are willing to share good and bad experiences. Through this site we are hoping to share with other riders/employees and let our voices be heard to BART management that BART is important to commuters. We highly believe BART can improve their system and service by correctly utilizing our hard earned fare. We support BART because it cuts down on pollution and helps our environment. Please spread the word to other BART riders. Happy BARTing!!!

New cars

Hey everyone....haven't posted in forever but was curious, has anyone ridden the new BART cars yet?

How to get a seat

There are lots of complaints about overcrowding, but sometimes there are relatively empty cars at one end or the other. That doesn't help much if you're boarding a packed car. Anyone have hot tips for finding an empty seat? Thanks!

Bug bites on the BART

Bug bites on the BART I commute on the BART five days a week from the Pittsburgh Baypoint station and the last few days I have noticed bug bites on my back, the back of my legs, my stomach, and ankles. I've noticed that only after riding the BART I'm super itchy and I constantly have new bites after getting off? I've checked my bed there's nothing! Is there is anyone else getting this same thing happening to them?

Please sign my petition to request greater police presence

Dear readers,

I'm a disabled BART rider who takes BART to work five days a week. Due to the increase in crime in the recent years, I feel very unsafe on BART. Many fellow riders feel the same way. Please read and sign my petition to request greater police presence at BART.


high cost of parking fines for parking violation- Permit required 4-10 am $75

My daughter takes BART to San Francisco City College 3 times a week. Last Monday 8/24/17, she could not find a parking spot and had an EZ Rider parking tag hung from the rear view mirror. My daughter works 40 hours a week making $13/hr and has to take BART 3 times a week to San Francisco. First of all, 99% of BART Commuters are working class people, and parking fees used to be $1.00/day, and it went up to $3.00 per day while working class commuters' wages have not kept with these increases. So, the relationship between BART and its customers are not very good.


Daily Police Logs

According to SF Gate, as of July 18, BART is again making available the daily crime logs. Specifically, what are the steps or where is the exact link to where one CAN sign up to be put on the email list for, or find, these daily police logs, again now being offered?

Holiday schedule - 8 car trains?

BART is running fewer trains during the holiday schedule. So, you would think they would have more cars available, right?
Wrong. Nothing but 8 car trains on the Pittsburg/Baypoint line at peak commute times. BART thinks there's less ridership for the holiday, but I don't see it. The trains are still packed, even after 9:00 a.m. I'm really sick of the lies and excuses for why they can't run 10 car trains when they are needed most. They keep saying new cars are coming, but not for another year. Where are all the extra cars during the holiday schedule?

Dublin/Pleasanton Parking in afternoon

Although this forum may seem dead, perhaps someone can enlighten me about the prospect of making a one-time trip from Dublin/Pleasanton to SFO. I would need to secure handicap parking sometime around 3:00 to 3:30 PM and return back later that evening around 8:00 PM. The handicap is not severe but involves limited walking. Just wondering if things start to clear out by that time in the afternoon. Anyone?


Which Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) System Should BART Implement In The Future?

Bombardier CityFlo 650
0% (0 votes)
Thales SelTrac
0% (0 votes)
Alstom Urbalis
0% (0 votes)
Siemens TrainGuard MT CBTC
100% (1 vote)
Invensys Sirius
0% (0 votes)
Ansaldo STS CBTC
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 1
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Bart Station agent position

Does anyone know the status of next bart station agent class I'm on list but don't have a clue on what's going on hr will say nothing
Thanks it's been couple months since oral interview.
Or has any other candidate heard anything? forum?

Is there an online public forum to discuss the new Trip Planner on the site? I can't seem to find any. Thanks!

Inexcusable Employee Behavior

I've actually had very positive experiences with BART in general, I started a new job and am now doing the daily commute from the East Bay to SF and haven't had problems so far. That being said, this morning while trying to pay for my parking stall, the machine kept telling me to "see agent", so I did, and asked the woman in the glass office for assistance. She told me I didn't have enough money on my ticket, but since it was displaying $15 I showed some confusion, and simply asked for clarification.

Bart is toxic

Rows of mercury filament lights line the trains and stations creating
Stagnant energy.

Discount Bart Tickets

Is there a way to buy a one time Senior Discount ticket on Bart for a round trip from Pleasanton to SFO Airport.
When I checked at the Pleasanton Bart Station they asked us to go and buy a clipper card.
I would think the Bart station should be able to sell these after we show them proof of age.
Anybody experienced this?

Advice from anyone using Pittsburg/Baypoint bart

Hey everyone,

Not rage related, but thinking about moving to brentwood and looking for info about the station.

What time does the daily parking fill up?
Is the travel time to SF really only an hour?
What is traffic like on 4 during morning and evening between bart and brentwood
Any info regarding park and rides (how long does it take to get to/from bart, parking availability/cost)
any recommendation for ride sharing/carpooling from brentwood to bart?

Thanks in advance.

Warm Spring Station

This station opening date has been delay over and over again for almost a full year. If this was a private company in Silcon Valley, a lot of people would have been terminated. The BART program manager for this projec should be fired immediately for his/her incompetency. After all, it took us less than 10 years to send men to the moon and back. Typical BART project funded by public tax dollar.

Petition for Safer BART

Petition for Safer BART:

Note: Your support is needed for the success of this petition. You may or may not like everything in the petition. Please sign and share if you like most of it. Thank you.


BART Police Please Do Your Job.

Homeless on Bart. This morning when the "shuttle" pulled into North Concord (only 6 cars long) there were three homeless people on one car taking up two seats each and causing the car to smell unbearably pungent. It was apparent they'd been riding the rails uninterrupted and planned to continue doing so dispute there being standing room only as the trained pulled out of the North Concord station.

Interesting Difference Between 12th and 19th Street Stations

As many of you should know, the 12th and 19th street stations in Oakland are identical except for the fact that the bricks are different colors. Well, here's another difference between the two stations that I find to be interesting. You know how at both stations, there are several escalators that go directly down to the lower platform from the concourse.


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